What Is The Best Sales Funnel


In today’s video, I give some advice on building a sales funnel for your home business opportunity.

As I explain in the video, it’s all in the follow up! Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Hey, guys, it’s  Anisa Aynashe here, from followanisa.com, and welcome to today’s lesson.

I want to talk to you all about one of the most important lessons and that’s the sales funnel. And why you really need a sales funnel in place.

What Is The Best Sales Funnel

Number one, a sales funnel is a specific order in which you present products which drastically increases the amount of your sales. When I say drastically, I mean you’ll make a thousand percent more sales when you implement a sales funnel.

Number two, instead of selling the entire product for one price, on one page, you can actually split the products up to individual pages component and walk visitors through a purchase process. This eliminates the sticker shock and builds trust and impose to increase purchase propensity.

Number three, you can actually create more sales opportunities on the back-end by crafting a sales funnel that segments your visitors into targeted groups of people. This allows you to laser target your audience and keeps you making money from them while helping them and becoming their hero.

Now, creating a sales funnel is absolutely easy, once you know the main components, and once you learn how to create one and once you learn how to connect the pieces. A lot of people think that they can create a sales funnel because they’ve been through a few as a buyer, but they’re wrong. A super sales funnel has so many possible purchases part that one customer never sees all the options. It’s like ‘make your own ending book’, it’s actually exactly like that. Your customers will customise their own ‘to purchase’ part and you as the vendor will make the real money on the deep ends of the funnel. So, I’m going to walk you through on the importance of creating a sales funnel and why you really need to do it the right way.

Now, here are few things that you really need to be aware of:

  • A sales funnel is just a process for your leads to actually go through.
  • If you straightaway start to really “pitch” they are going to associate you with just like any other marketer who’s just trying to make a quick buck from them. So, you really want to avoid being just that typical marketer who’s just trying to sell, sell, sell, and shove products down their throat.
  • And because this is a crowded niche, you really need to “over deliver” on value.
  • Some people don’t have a “sales funnel” and this is why they don’t really make any money online.

I see so many affiliates online that send customers straight to their sales page- where the product is being sold- with a short video of enticing customers of what, why they need to buy a product and then why underneath that there’s a purchase bar where they’re just sending customers and the traffic directly to the sales page, rather than delivering value, and selling the products that they’re actually selling on the back-end.

What is the best sales funnell

Most sub-marketers and most successful people never ever sell their product on the front-end, they make sure they always plan through a sales funnel and they place that product in the back-end. This is where most people go wrong- they send traffic directly to their sales page and they really put so many people off, especially these types of sales doesn’t even work out anymore. So, you really need to have a right sales funnel in place if you really want to start crushing it online and have plenty and plenty sales and money rolling in and tonnes and tonnes of sign ups in your business. And also, I see a lot of people that don’t even care about helping people or providing value; all they care about is “How can I make that money?” and “How fast can I make it?” “Who can I make that quick change off, who could buy from me?” and “How fast can I actually move this product?” this is how they think and that’s the wrong mindset. You should never ever think like that. Always think about the value that you’re providing because people will always come back to buy from you.

Now, with this sales funnel, we always start with giving something away for free.

the best sales funnel

Whether it’s an e-book, or whether it’s tutorial videos or whatever it may be; you have to give away a value so people can actually want to really obtain and see what you have to offer. So, you always give something away, whatever it is- a little video that’s actually welcoming them. As long as it’s a value-based information, you’ll always be the winner. So, you can give away like an e-book- a free e-book- you can give away video courses, you can also give away webinars, where you’re actually teaching people what you have learned, and maybe you go and learn something about PPC or PPV and you go ahead and invite people to your webinar next week and you can show people how to start a campaign up using PPV or whatever it may be. As long as you’re providing value, you’re on the right path.

Now, this is how most people market.

the best sales funnel

They market- from a capture page, they move them to a ‘thank you’ page, where they’re hyping stuff up then they start pitching, pitching; buy, buy, buy. And then they wonder why they’re not making any money and the simple term is because you’re pitching and you’re shoving offers down your visitors’ throat. And if you’re marketing this way, I really need you to understand that it’s time for you to stop doing this and think about the bigger picture, if you want to make money in the long-term, you really need to start providing value.

And now, this is the right way of creating a sales funnel.


So, this is my sales funnel. I actually capture my leads and I send them to a ‘thank you’ page and after I send them to a ‘thank you’ page, the next day I email them day one- understanding of your reason why. So, I talk to them briefly and explain to them the importance of having a ‘why’ in place and I send them back to ‘how to set up your foundation’, which is your blog. I run them through, I teach them step by step how to do it, then I send them to a third video talking about ‘Understanding the different types of products’ they can promote online and I talk about ‘click bank’ and other affiliate products. And then on the fourth day, I talk about squeeze pages and different types of funnels, just like the one you’re going through, and I also talk about email marketing and much, much more videos. In this way, I’m actually building a relationship with my leads by providing value, teaching them, helping them- just building that relationship with them from the start to finish. If you end up marketing this way, and you end up creating a sales funnel that will help you build relationships rather than just pitch, pitch, pitch.

Now, if we go back to the other one, how most marketers market online: from their ‘thank you’ page, from the capture pages they send them to a ‘thank you’ page and they start shooting them some emails with their affiliate link, telling them to buy, buy, buy. And this way, really and truly, nobody will ever buy from you. So, you really need to have a powerful sales funnel in place, definitely.

So, now that we’ve reached the end of today’s video, talking about what makes a great sales funnel, I really hope that you have enjoyed and got tonnes of values from this video today. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. You can also reach out to me on Facebook, ask me anything you have in mind. 

Digital Altitude Review – Legit or A Big Scam?

Hi there, welcome to my review of the Digital altitude company.

Read This Entire Blog Post To Qualify The Killer Bonus…

After series of buzz I have heard about this company, I decided to embark on a personal investigation on the company. Just to enable me write an accurate review about this company, I decided to buy their Digital altitude apex membership.

I am aware that there are so many misleading Digital altitude reviews out there, so I decided to verify the authenticity of the company. I will be making thorough clarifications about the company, its products and compensation plan, so that you can easily make the right decision to either join or not.

This review will make you find out if Digital altitude System is legit, or just a scam.

Without wasting much time, let’s take a look at the company…

Digital altitude Review – the Company

Digital Altitude Review - Legit or A Big Scam

Website:  my.digitalaltitude.co

Digital Altitude Review - Legit or A Big Scam

Digital Altitude Review - Legit or A Big Scam

The brain behind the establishment of Digital altitude is the man, Michael Force, who has been able to make a fortune on the internet. Michael Force used to be a marine, and has worked with high ticket affiliate programs in the past, achieving great success. Apart from all these, he also works as a mentor and coach to students online and has been able to create so many 6 and 7 figure earners.

What is the comparison between Digital altitude and other online business opportunities?

Honestly, it plays the most imperative role, starting with your mindset. Of course, they have products and services they offer and I will be discussing as we go deeper.

I did put my nose to the grindstone to see if I would find any troubling thing about Michael Force, but I couldn’t, which is a very good sign. Just by taking a look at Digital altitude’s website, you will get to know that they aren’t here to joke. Did I tell you that you also will get personal development from a bunch of millionaires? Well, you will.

Now that we have known about the company, let us proceed to getting ourselves familiar with the products.

Digital altitude Reviews – the Products

Just like all great network marketing companies or all business opportunities, uniqueness and effectiveness of products are important criteria which must be met with. Just for you to have a good idea, I will analyze their CORE products and their add-on products.

Without delay, let’s take a look at their core products…

Aspire Membership

This is their Digital Business Sales System.

You get the following:

  • Digital Business Video Trainings: You will be exposed to the 3 basic steps to start-up, set-up and promote your business.
  • Private Digital Client for Life Coaches: You also get exclusive 1 on 1 access to the world’s best coaches who will help you reach your goals.
  • 7-Figure Sales Funnels & Websites: You will get equipped with automated sales funnels designed by 7-figure marketers to automate the sales process.
  • Follow Up Sequences & Sales automation: : you will get an opportunity to discover how to follow-up, automate and leverage your effort for bigger profits.
  • High Commission Back End Products: Sit tight and relax, because resalable back-end products have been built for you, so you can leverage top-tier commissions while you learn.
  • Done-For-You Branding Solutions: Tailor-made branding solutions that will send your skyrocket conversions and sales will be made clear to you.
  • Traffic & Social Media Solutions: Traffic is a great determinant of how successful any online business will get and we have numerous solutions forged from years of trial and error.
  • Latest tools & Resources: the key to any digital marketing success is staying updated on what works now … You will get access to the latest tools and resources so you’re always on top of trends.
  • Merchant & Payroll Services: Taking headache out of accounting, funding and cashflow with time-saving resources that make your life easier is what we do.
  • Support, Forums & Live Chat: Live support and instant availability is pertinent to retaining potential customers. Naturally, we have it covered, so you need not worry.
  • Community & Leadership: You will be granted an exclusive “VIP” access to our network of business leaders and experts, to coach you all the way to success.
  • Networking, Live Events & Coaching: Just like they have said that your net worth is a function of your network, our networking events will show you how true that really is!

There are three categories of membership you can select from, and the category you belong to will determine how much you get paid. The categories are explained below:

Aspire Walker:  $37 per month

This membership includes:

• 40% commission
• 1 tier payout
• Members area
• Start Up Training Videos

Aspire Hiker:  $67 per month

• Up to 50% Commission
• 2 Tiers of Payout
• Members area
• Start up Training Videos
• Weekly Training
• Monthly Conf Calls
• additional Sales Funnels
• Client for Life Coaches
• tools & Resources

Aspire Climber: $127 per month

• Up to 60% Commission
• 3 Tiers of Payout
• Members area

And so much more!

Affiliate Membership:  $17 per month

Base Membership

Starting up a business isn’t a child’s play, and one could get hindered to continue, if encountered with some difficulties. This membership will enlighten you on how to build a firm foundation that will guaranteed you a lasting success.

Section 1:  Preparation

  • Module 1: Setting the right business goals and preparing for your path to success.
  • Module 2: the fundamentals: business planning, entity formation, business banking & accounting made easy.
  • Module 3: Create captivating branding and design that kicks your sales engine into overdrive.
  • Module 4: Establishing your web presence for massive traffic & conversions.

Section 2:  Launching

  • Module 5: How to launch your business so loud the customers come running.
  • Module 6: How to create a killer social media campaign that catches the attention of everyone.
  • Module: the 5 key secrets of analytics that drive results–not just report them.
  • Module 8: the 5 must-done things when an entrepreneur chooses to launch a business

Section 3:  Growth

  • Module 9: How to run lean, nootstrap & optimize your business for long term profits.
  • Module 10: Creating a captivating customer experience that makes them never want to leave.
  • Module 11: How to build a cult-like-tribe that hangs on your every word.
  • Module 12: How to build automated systems that save time and make you money while you sleep.

The Base Membership is $597 One-Time

Rise Membership

Section 1:  Commitment

  • Module 1: Making a Commitment to Success as a Marketer in the Digital age.
  • Module 2: the Fundamental Mindset Shift That Will Generate More Success than any Other.
  • Module 3: How to Use the Irrationality of the Market to Your Favor to Create Buzz for Your Products.
  • Module 4: The 80/20 Rule of Customers: How to Find the “Elusive 20%” Who Generate 80% of Your Sales, and How This Can Free You.

Section 2:  Customer

  • Module 5: How to Identify the Emotional Trigger Buttons in Your Prospects That Practically “Force” them to buy.
  • Module 6: How to Identify and attract the Perfect Customer 99% of the Time.
  • Module 7: How to Harness the Timeless art of Direct Response to Lower Customer acquisition Costs.
  • Module 8: Why the Unique Demands of the information age Require You to become an “Educational Marketer.”

Section 3:  Creation

  • Module 9: How to Create a Brand Name That Sticks in Your Customers’ Mind like a Catchy Pop Song.
  • Module 10: How to instantly Trigger a Powerful Desire in Your Customers’ Minds That almost “Forces” them to Buy.
  • Module 11: How to Create Tiered Marketing and Product Sequencing to Capture Repeat Sales.
  • Module 12: How to Create a FREE Tripwire Front End Product That Will Have Your Visitors hungry to Join Your List.

Section 4:  Words

  • Module 13: Discover the Secrets Behind High-Converting Headlines That Pull More Sales.
  • Module 14: Get your audience to Relate to you with a Personalized Brand Story and Build Credibility & Trust.
  • Module 15: How to Craft Killer Copy That Will sell anything, Even If you’re Not a Good Writer.
  • Module 16: How to Craft the Perfect Marketing Message to attract the Perfect Customer.

Section 5:  Partners

  • Module 17: How to Easily Create ads That Generate Massive Response and Boost your Sales.
  • Module 18: How to Partner with Others to Sell More of Your Products and Services.
  • Module 19: 3 Simple Steps to More–and Better–Referrals.

The Rise Membership costs $1997 One-Time

Ascend Membership

Day 1 Agenda:

  • Top 5 Most Profitable Traffic Sources: 5 little identified places where overflowing rivers of traffic can be generated incredibly cheap!
  • 6 Strategies To Scale Traffic: How to grow your traffic from level 0, all the way up to getting millions of hits.
  • 7-Figure Conversion Hacks: You will be made to understand the little-known “secret ninja copy techniques” all the 7-figure marketers use today.
  • 3 Powerful Funnel Formulas: You will be granted the opportunity to discover precision-engineered funnel formulas that convert right-on-the-money in any niche.

Day 2 Agenda

  • The Power of a Personal Brand: How to create a conversions-crushing and instantly-recognizable personal brand.
  • How To Tell Your Story: How to tell a story that leaves a never ending positive impression about your brand into your audience’s imagination.
  • Finding The Guru In You: How to tap into your own innate experience and package it into a winning product.
  • How To Master Video: How to utilize the power a video carries to create lasting connections with your customers.

Day 3 Agenda

  • Increase Conversions With Analytics: How to properly utilize the power of analytics to get your conversions skyrocketed.
  • How To Create Amazing Content: Create fascinating, engaging content that leaves prospects “begging” to own what you’re selling.
  • How To Work Smarter With Outsourcing: Use outsourcing to minimize costs, influence your effort, and maximize profit.
  • How To Build A Team: Discover the “power of duplication” and how it can literally “multiply” your sales exponentially.

Cost To Join Ascend is $9997 one-time

Peak Membership

  • How To Scale Your Digital Business: How to grow your business to the 7 & 8 Figure levels of revenue, and beyond!
  • Creating Joint Ventures: Make contacts with key players in your industry and massively expand your reach.
  • Adding Massive Value: Discover how you can add massive value to your products and services and get your customers interest for what you are selling to their neck level..
  • Find The Best Talent: How to employ the best, most talented people for the cheapest prices.
  • 6 Strategies For Awesome Accounting: How to get your accounts managed in order to save big on expenses and taxes.
  • Creating A Solid Organization: How to build a sales-driving team that will propel the growth of your business–even when you’re not available.
  • Motivating A Winning Team: How to get your team motivated so they put their all to growing your business as you are.
  • Prepare Your Legal Entity: How to establish the right legal entity, protect your assets and minimize taxes.
  • 7 Sales Growth Strategies: Learn the leading and effective sales strategies that will help you in a great way to maximize your LCV.
  • Creating Powerful Presentations: How to create ground-shaking sales presentations that maximize your revenues greatly.
  • Creating Customers for Life: The 4 strategies necessary for creating a lifetime customer loyalty.
  • The Power of Influence: How to influence and command the respect of your entire market.
  • Time Management & Productivity: How to effect proper time management, so you make more money while working less.
  • Create More Efficiency In Your Business: Find out how you can put your business on the fast lane to growth.
  • How To Automate 80% Of Your Business: Discover how 3 newly technologies can save you time by automating most of your business.
  • Create More Time Freedom: How you can autopilot and outsource your business so you can have more time to spend with your loved ones
  • How To Raise More Capital: You’ll learn 3 powerful strategies for getting instant capital raised for your business.
  • Create More Cashflow: How to get your cash flow on the success lane and get even more new income streams.
  • The 5 Big Financial Mistakes To Avoid: Learn not to make the most infamous 5 financial mistakes and ensure you’re on the fast track to success.
  • How 7-Figure Earners Did It: Hear success stories from those who were once in your shoes and how they reached their dreams.

Cost to join Peak is $16,997 One-time

Apex Membership

Day 1 Agenda

  • How To Become Financially Free: 5 important steps to freedom, and how to work them effortlessly.
  • How To Create an Extra Income: Discover amazing ways you can create multiple income streams and profit.
  • Build Streams Of Cash Flow: You’ll learn how to add more streams of cash flow to pad your bottom line.
  • Secure Your Retirement Income: 5 tactics to secure an automated retirement income system that pays you while you sleep.

Day 2 Agenda

  • How the rich get richer: Very straightforward and simple strategies every rich person knows, yet almost no middle class people do.
  • Fund your investments with OPM: how to invest with Other Peoples’ Money (OPM) and enjoy 100% upside, no downside
  • Take control of your financial future: how to be the captain who pilots your finances in 6 easy steps.
  • How to beat wall street: You will be exposed to the No. 1 advantage that you have over “wall street geniuses” & how to utilize it.

Day 3 Agenda

  • Boost your financial IQ: learn how to get your financial IQ boosted in 3 basic steps and become Einstein-like.
  • Leverage secrets. How to utilize the power of leverage to grow and scale your business.
  • Invest like the rich: discover the “closed-door” investing secrets of the rich and powerful.
  • Create long term wealth strategies: You will be exposed to the 9 simple, long-term wealth strategies used by the wealthy every day.

Day 4 Agenda

  • The Inner Game of Wealth: Discover how wealthy people think and how to imitate them.
  • How to Stay Wealthy For Life: Learn the 9 top-secret ways the wealthy stay wealthy, and how to use them.
  • Your Financial Thermostat. Why 99% of people’s thermostats are way off when it comes to money, and what to do about it.
  • The Law Of Attraction: Discover why your relationship with money repels or attracts it to you.

Day 5 Agenda

  • Win The Credit Score Game: Discover the 7 ways you can create a better credit score effortlessly.
  • How To Create Your Own Bank: You’ll learn a little known strategy the rich have used for decades.
  • Create A Tax Free Retirement: Discover how to rid yourself of taxes during retirement–100% legally!
  • How The Rich Use IRA’s: How the ultra rich do IRAs differently from the rest of us, and why it matters.

Day 6 Agenda

  • Awesome Asset Protection: Discover 4 strategies to help create better asset protection in your portfolio.
  • Ultra Rich Legal Tax Strategies: the tax strategies of the ultra rich aren’t nearly as complex as you think–but they’re very effective.
  • Risk Managment Tactics: How to minimize your exposure to risk When you invest your earnings.
  • Annuity Analysis: A new way to analyze annuities and choose the best option for you.

Day 7 Agenda

  • Rising real estate: discover how to invest in property successfully from some of the world’s top real estate pros.
  • Hidden markets & no money down: learn how to find hidden markets and create no money down deals.
  • Wholesaling & rehabbing profits: discover how toexplode your profits with wholesaling and rehabbing.
  • Time tested tax liens: discover the little known but lucrative tax lien strategies that can save you big time on tax day.

The cost to join Apex is $27,997 one-time

Okay, I know I have written some really long epistles up there, but just like I had previously promised, I will tell you all you need to know about Digital Altitude

So, let’s proceed to looking at their remuneration plan

Digital Altitude Compensation Plan

Totally, Digital Altitude comprises of 60 income streams and out of the 60, 19 gets residual month-by-month.


Walker $37 per month 40% returns on 1 tier:

  • Tier 1:  40% = $15 commission every month.

Hiker $67 every month yields 50% returns on 2 tiers

  • Tier 1:  40% = $27 every month commission
  • Tier 2:  10% = $7 commission every month

Climber $127 every month yields 60% returns on 3 tiers

  • Tier 1:  45% =  $76 commission every month
  • Tier 2:  10% = $13 commission every month
  • Tier 3:  5% = $6 commission every month

Compensation Plan is a 3 tier Uni-level which looks like this:

  • Tier 1:  45% Commissions (Your personally enrolled members)
  • Tier 2:  10% Commissions (Your Tier 1’s enrolled members)
  • Tier 3:  5% Commissions (Your Tier 2’s enrolled members)

Overall across 3 tiers, it yields 60% returns.

Note: You must be at the CLIMBER level to get PAID across ALL 3 Tiers with the CORE products below. If you are at WALKER, at 1 Tier, you get paid 40% and Hiker gets 50% over 2 tiers.

So be very sure to take advantage of all 3 tiers, attaining the Climber level is a must.

Base:  You will be paid 60% commissions over three tiers which is $240 per sale on your Tier 1.  If you need the help of a life coach to close the sale by a client, take off 20%.

Rise:  You will be paid 60% commission over three tiers which is $1200 per sale (T1: $900, T2: $200, T3: $100).  If you need the help of a life coach to close the sale by a client, take off 20% off tier 1.

Ascend:  You will be paid 60% commissions over three tiers which is $6000 per sale (T1: $4,500, T2: $1000,T3: $500 If you need the help of a life coach to close the sale by a client, take off 20% off Tier 1.

Peak:  You will be paid 60% commissions over three tiers, which amounts to $10200 per sale (T1: $7650, T2: $1,700, T3: $850).  If you need help closing the sale by a client for life coach, take off 20% off Tier 1.

Apex:  You will be paid 60% commissions over three tiers making you $16,800 per sale (T1: $12,600, T2: $2,800, T3: $1,400).  If the sale is closed by your coach, take off 20% off Tier 1.

There is only one condition; you must be at a level before you can earn a commission on it. Your sponsor gets the commission, if you are not.

Digital Altitude Review – The Verdict

Alright, so after all these, is Digital Altitude actually legit?

Without an iota of lie, it is 100% legit…

Below are my results of  2 days , started from COMPLETE Scratch:

/Users/anisaaynashe/Documents/Digital Altitude Review – Legit or A Big Scam

Digital Altitude Review – Legit or A Big Scam







Digital Altitude Review - Legit or A Big Scam

Digital Altitude Review - Legit or A Big Scam



Take a look at the results of some brand new members who just started:

Digital Altitude Review - Legit or A Big Scam

Digital Altitude Review - Legit or A Big Scam

Digital Altitude Review - Legit or A Big Scam



To be frank with you, it works!


Okay, now that I got your attention, I want to quickly assure you that this really works. Like it has been said earlier in the post, Michael Force has not only been able to make a fortune from this business, but he has also helped thousands of people become a 6 and 7 figure earners. One can say that Digital Altitude has one of the best leaders in the industry, who thought out of the box to establish the system.

Digital Altitude operates a done-for-you kind of system. How? I’ll explain.

I will compare it with you buying into McDonald, where everything gets done for you and all you need to do is be present –training is carried out by their head office. Digital Altitude shares same trait; everything is done for you and you get to be trained the best way in order for you to achieve your desired dreams and goals. A personal coach will be assigned to you and he will close every of your sales for you – these coaches are professionals at what they do; they always get put to test before they even get employed.

One major difference between Digital Altitude and McDonald is that you don’t have to spend all your life savings to get started; you can start immediately with just $1. However, if you have a feeling that it’s not the thing for you, you can cancel it at anytime. You will get a 14-day trial to decide whether or not you want to continue with the system (Join to have your life changed, not to try it out).

Click HERE to watch step 1 for FREE

Remember, you will earn from this system as long as you take actions based on the knowledge you get through training.

Anyway, thank you for reading this post to the end…

I know you will settle on the right choice…

Since your financial future relies upon you…

Also, I know how to help you 🙂

Coincidentally, I joined at APEX 🙂

So I am not kidding about this business so you will get the best mentorship and help online…

I trust you delighted in this Digital Altitude review and on the off chance that you have any inquiries, please comment them in the remarks beneath.

See you at the top,

Anisa Aynashe

Click Here To Try it For $1 dollar Today…

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