10 Online Marketing Tactics – Less Cost, More Time!

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Often, newbie internet marketing come to me and tell me they don’t feel they will make it because they do not have the sort of money that goes into huge marketing campaigns. And I tell them: Why do you think internet marketing is all about money?!

When it comes to online marketing tactics, there certainly is some investment involved. However, not everything is based on money. Apart from spending on your training or your basic advertising, there are lots of techniques that you can use by spend very less money. However, here is the catch: They take time!

If you are someone who is committed to making an online business succeed and would want to make an effort for it, this post is for you. These are the 10 best online marketing tactics I believe will work for anyone and everyone who has the motivation to invest their time and energy into their business, even if they do not have lots of money to invest!

  1. Host webinars

    One of the best but time consuming online marketing tactics for those looking for low cost online marketing is to host a webinar. Of course, this means that you will first have to promote yourself on the internet, ideally through social media, or invest money in an advertisement campaign. You then need to prepare for your live webinar in order to provide value to people. This is your selling point, so make sure you prepare well and have something usefl to say!

  2. Plan promotional exchanges for online marketing tactics

    You don’t always have to pay to be on another website. Sometimes, you promote their product on your website in return for yours on theirs! You might be able to strike this deal without any money involved whatsoever. To get the most out of this low cost online marketing method, make sure you contact websites closely related to your own product. This way, your product on that website will automatically reach your target market!

  3. Write SEO articles

    If you believe you have a knack for writing, learn how to incorporate SEO keywords and key phrases into written content, and scatter this content around the web! You will first need to conduct a keyword research and decide on the ones that are the closest to your business. You can then write articles with these keywords in them. These articles can be posted on your own website or even on other article directories and blogs around the web with your website’s link in them! They key to making people click on the link is to make sure that you provide quality content and not just fluff with keywords stuffed in it!

  4. Write guest blogs

    Several websites and blogs around the web allow business owners and entrepreneurs to write guest blogs and to add their links in these. However, for these types on online marketing tactics, it is important to make sure that you provide very high quality, because only then will your posts be approved. It may be time consuming, but it will be great if you manage to pull it off.

  5. Comment on blogs and forums as low cost online marketing

    Creating an online presence in itself can be a great low cost online marketing technique. A great way to do this is to list down the top 5-6 websites and forums that are related to yours. You can then comment on blogposts and forum threads, and include the link to your website in your signature. You can also help people with their queries on these forums. This will intrigue them and potential customers may visit your website as a result! This is ideal for those trying to create an internet presence and market their names instead of a specific product. However, make sure you do not seem like a spammer desperately trying to sell!

  6. Create a social media presence

    Make your own Facebook page and get your friends and family to share it. Online marketing tactics like marketing to your inner circles are often too underrated. Promote this page in your blogposts and comments, and on other pages. Invest you time into regularly updating your Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram if you want to. You can also expand your circle on Google+. The more people know you, the better! It is one of the more interpersonal online marketing tactics but it works great if you are trying to acquire fewer but more loyal customers.

  7. Promote a hashtag for viral online marketing tactics

    Speaking of social media, a great way to make people remember you is to use a hashtag. Think of the most popular online marketing tactics in recent marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter… how do they go viral? Through hashtag! This is often referred to as a ‘hook’ in marketing, that is, an additional item that will make you stand out and help people remember you.

  8. Run contests

    Some online marketing tactics may make you think all those giveaways and contests on Facebook are too mainstream, but they work. When businesses plan campaigns asking people to share their posts in order to win something, this means that their page is automatically exposed to the hundreds of people in the sharer’s list. Whether you want to give away a monetary prize or a benefit, contests are great to give you exposure without spending a lot of money.

  9. Interact with your followers

    I have said it before and I will say it again: personal interaction is underrated! There are many pages that have millions of likes but few buyers, simply because they never respond to messages or reply to people’s queries. I personally believe that the best online marketing tactics are the ones that get you few but loyal customers. Think of it this way. You might have 1000 followers but only 50 who are willing to buy a $10 product, thus making $500. On the other hand, if you have 100 followers with 50 of them trusting you enough to buy a $50 product, you make $2500! This is the sort of following you should aim for, and this only comes when you talk to people personally. These are the online marketing tactics that will actually work, rather than poor overnight fame strategies.

  10. Provide free help

    Again, value never goes unused. One of the best online marketing tactics If you are offering to help people free of cost, it might not earn you a lot of money but it will bring you their trust. This means that you will be marketing yourself to a group of people who are loyal to you and trust your advice, and should the time come for you to ask them to buy from you, most of them will not hesitate!

So if you are someone looking for online marketing tactics that do not require a lot of money, don’t worry too much. There is a lot you can do with a smaller budget, though it does require time, effort and lots of commitment!



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    I am grateful to find these useful information which can help us to boost our knowledge and skills using these strategies. It helps you to interact with people around the world and it allows you to focus on advertising the business.

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