8 Tips to Market Your Brand Online

Making an online presence is easy; what is difficult is informing people of that presence! Not all of us can afford expensive advertising campaigns. If this is the case with you, you will need more affordable tips to market your brand. If you are someone who is running a social media page or a blog like mine, there are several small steps you can take to effectively market your brand.

Here are a few favorite strategies of mine (all tried and tested the hard way!).

8 ways to effectively market your brand

  1. Customize your site for all
    Remember the different types of people who visit your page or blog, and tailor it according to their needs. If you are finding this too difficult, you probably need to narrow down your target market that you want to market your brand to. Remember that the best way to market your brand is by showing people that your blog is meant for them is not just generic information posted to generate leads for sales.
  2. Remember to cater to mobile users
    Have you ever wondered if your Facebook page or your blog is compatible with mobile devices? Are you posting videos or any type of media that might not work perfectly if browsing through mobile phones? Remember that an important aspect of reaching out to people is that you make it convenient for them to understand you. If someone ends up on your page but it takes too long to open, they are not going to try again!
  3. Tailor posts for your readers’ needs
    A great way to market your brand is to post content that will automatically make people share it! For instance, if I see a Facebook with an extremely well-written and useful post that I think will cater to people’s needs, I will feel bound to share it, thus giving it automatic marketing and publicity! Like I always say, quality matters.

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  4. Monitor and track the response, then act on it!
    Marketing is not just about reaching out to people, but also seeing how they respond to your content. To market your brand effectively, monitor the progress of your blog or fan page, even if you have a few hundred followers only. Which are the posts that people liked and engaged with the most? See what benefits you the most and then stick to that in your future marketing campaigns.
  5. Make your personal profile public-friendly
    This might seem off to some and I can understand that some people want to keep their personal lives and business separate, but for a small business owner and entrepreneur, this is not an option! If you market your brand, it means you are marketing yourself. So if you have a Facebook page, chances are that people are going to look you up and reach your personal profile. I for one always share content from my Facebook page to my personal profile, which automatically markets it to those around me. Read more on this in my post  Branding Yourself Online to Increase Sales.

  6. Focus on a single product
    If you are wondering how to market your brand, the first step is to stick to one product! Trust me, it is way easier to promote one thing than too many, even if the latter looks like quick money.
  7. Make your content easy to read and share
    For those who can’t invest in expensive marketing, the best way to market your brand is to make your content outstanding. So whatever post, make it simple to understand and compelling as well as EASY to share. By this, I mean add social media buttons to your website, allow Facebook public sharing, etc.
  8. Post on similar platforms under your brand name
    Another cost free method to market your brand. Simply find other forums, sites and fan pages that complement yours, and make your presence known. Offer to help and if you are consistent enough, people will begin to recognize your name!

So  if you are struggling and wondering how to market your brand online, dismay not! There are many ways you can attract and keep people through a very low budget. For more tips tailored specifically for YOUR business, feel free to contact me through the comments!




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