4 New Digital Marketing Trends You Should Know About!

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There is no doubt that digital marketing is going to be the talk of the town in 2016 so we don’t need to get into a big discussion about how important it is, blah blah. What’s important right now is for you to know whether you are well equipped with digital marketing trends so you can get ahead in the game too!

Here are the top digital marketing trends of 2016!

  1. The good old native advertising trick

You can either debate about whether it’s good or bad, right or wrong, or you can just simply do it like so many others who are getting benefit out of these potential ground breaking digital marketing trends. This one is simple. Ads don’t have to look like some kid just used paint to make your website look all flashy with things literally pooping out of the screen. Make them blend in. That’s the art of native advertising. When ads look like your website’s own content rather than irritating multi-colored banners being thrown into the user’s face, they are less annoying and thus ironically less ignorable.

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  1. Digital directors

The idea of actually hiring a digital director in your marketing department may have sounded bizarre until a few years ago. But now, it’s becoming more like a necessity and not just one of those sassy digital marketing trends. With the growth of digital marketing happening by leaps and bound, the need arose for a professional in the field to be hired by companies. Many brands are ow in practice of hiring such professionals who run the digital marketing field. So yes, that’s actually a post and not just a fancy term coined by trend setters.

  1. Modified freelancing

Yes, that’s a tricky one so it’s okay if you didn’t get it. Modified free lancing is basically about hiring a team that acts as a mix of in house and free lancing. They both go hand in hand. The freelancer works from home but also reports to the company office like full time workers. This, to me, is a great example of evolution and an excellent digital marketing trend.

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  1. Lead ads

So, I saved the best for the last and here it is. It’s new and it’s absolutely awesome. No new pages hassle that only drives away possible leads. Facebook lovers can now be new customers for you without them having to go through the pain of leaving the network and connecting with you from another page. Isn’t that amazing? This trend is the ‘go-to’ thing and has definitely increased customers for everyone using it. Make lead ads your go to digital marketing trends and observe your growth. If done the right way, the results can be massive.


Business is about healthy experimentation and staying up to date with new trends especially new digital marketing trends since the pace in this arena is phenomenal at the very least. So get the hang of the new stuff as soon as possible and begin incorporating the new digital marketing trends in your business strategy. Happy marketing, guys!

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