4 Strategies to Use Social Media for Recruiting

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As an entrepreneur and an internet marketing coach, I truly believe that the social media is a complete blessing. Having a platform where you can easily find your potential buyers altogether… what can be better than that?!

Yet, it is not easy as it seems. Although you can use social media for recruiting people into your business, the fact is, you are not the only one doing this. Thousands of other competitors are doing exactly the same, which means that your chances are already very thin when you enter the market.

Using the social media for recruiting, therefore, has to be done extremely strategically. If you are someone who just made a new Facebook or Twitter page for your business, you should check out some of my basic articles on the topic first. I have written in detail about social media marketing tips and tips to manage a social media advertising campaign.

Today, I am going to tell you about 4 points that I deem to be the most important in order to use social media for recruiting customers. In fact, I would like to refer to these more as followers, since these are not only people who buy from you but people that you practically work with for a long time.

Use social media for recruiting

1. Don’t spam your social media page with your affiliate link

When using social media for recruiting, this is probably one of the worst things you can do. It is actually one of the things that will cause people to unsubscribe from your page, because they can clearly see that you only care about your own self and making your own sales to make money.

Instead of doing this, make your social media page a platform where people can find entertaining as well as useful information. You can occasionally start posting your affiliate link once you know that your followers trust you and are happy with you. It is all about mutual benefits!

2. Know what people are open to

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make using social media for recruiting: they think anyone and everyone can be a potential customer! This is not true. Before you even start marketing your business, you have to narrow down your target market, and expose only those people to advertising who might be interested in buying your product.

You also have to see if your followers are open to buying from you, or if they just need help from you. There are many people who are there just to get information, and shoving your affiliate link down their throats is not going to do either of you any good.

Before you start exposing people to information, make sure they need it. With this, another important thing you must keep in mind is affordability. There are some people who will be willing to spend lots of money on a useful product, while others who have a limited budget. You have to know these preferences before you start asking them to buy something. Only send your link to those who are likely ti perceive it positively and get some value from it.

That being said, only use this method of using social media for recruiting occasionally. You cannot provide some value and then start spamming people with your link. Be subtle about it; do it occasionally and in a manner that does not sound like an annoying sales pitch.

3. Be serious about your business

Social media is all about consistency. You post information one day and then forget about it for three days, people are going to forget about you. They have no shortage of information; why would they sit around waiting for you?! So if you want to use social media for recruiting people, make sure you regularly expose them to useful information and provide value. And this can only happen when you treat your business as if your life depends on it!

Yes, you will have to cancel your personal plans sometimes. There will be days when you lose sleep and days where your schedule is packed because of the tasks your online business needs you to attend to. But so what?! Hard work is the key, my friend. My own life for the last year has been a lot less social than it previously was, but do I regret it? I don’t. My business is not just a responsibility, it’s a passion, and my Facebook page is one of my favorite things to attend to during the day!

4. Help people with the information you have

Money is the ultimate goal. We all know it. But that does not mean you have to pass the way thinking about money only. I personally believe that the best ways to earning more money – and more importantly, being satisfied with what you earn – are rather indirect. For example, help someone, gain their trust and then have them buy through your affiliate link.

The basic thing is, never try to take a shortcut or a method that is going badly affect someone else. When you are using social media for recruiting, you have to know that other people are invest their time and money in this too, and it is not fair if they don’t get value out of it. So always think about how you can help someone with the information you have, instead of thinking how you can extract money out of that person.

Trust me, building a business based on trust and respect is something that will pay off in the long run both financially and mentally!


So if you are using social media for recruiting, keep these 4 points in mind before posting anything on your Facebook or Twitter page. It is the best approach that you can have for social media marketing, and trust me, your page will bloom very fast if you take this way!


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