Top 5 Habits of the Best Business Blogs

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If you are a regular follower of my blogposts, you would be aware of the fact that I greatly advocate blogging. I think it is one of the best ways to make money online, especially for newbies who don’t want to get into complicated stuff. In fact, if you have done some research, you would have seen that the best business blogs earn a lot of money, either through affiliate marketing or through advertisements – or both.

If you are a new affiliate or are planning to become one, I strongly urge that you start your own blog and work hard to establish it. I have previously written in detail about why you should start a business blog. For now, let’s suffice to say that this is what builds a great relationship with your customers and what can help you establish trust through direct communication and help.

However, even those who do want to start a blog and dream of being a part of the best business blogs are confused… “How to write a business blog?”

Interestingly, this is not only a concern for those who have never been into writing in general, but even for those who do write formally. They often find that a formal, corporate blog is not getting them anywhere and they cannot connect with their followers.

Why does this happen? How do the best business blogs manage to woo so many people merely through writing?

Here is what I have learned through my research; this is my best advice on how to write a business blog!

What do the best business blogs do?

1. They don’t try too hard to make sales

This is a mistake new affiliate bloggers often make. They take a product and their blogposts are all about positive reviews of the product and about reasons why you should buy them. They think this is what will help them make sales.

Unfortunately, this is not true. If you are wondering how to write a business blog, I strongly urge you to read the best business blogs online in detail. There is one thing you will notice in all of them: they provide helpful content and DO NOT push readers to buy a product.

I personally feel ticked off immediately if some tries to sell a product through a blogpost and I usually think, ‘Oh, must be a scam!’

So when you begin to write a blogpost, I suggest you to forget about your product for a while. Instead of trying to sell it, sit down and think of what your readers need. What is it that can help them? Trust me, people will only read a blogpost till the end if there is something in it for them, and this is exactly what the best business blogs do. They provide readers with information that they cannot find elsewhere.

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If you are a new entrepreneur, this can help you a lot in establishing your blog. Once it is established and you know that people trust you, you can then honestly market your affiliate products! This is how the best business blogs do it; they know when to provide information and what.

2. The best business blogs leave out typical headlines

The average internet user is exposed to hundreds of advertisements daily, and trust me, they can now immediately tell if someone is trying to advertise something.

So yes, when it comes to how to write a business blog like the best business blogs, you must focus on headlines, but also make sure they don’t sound like typical advertisements.

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A good way is to use sensory words and numbers that will attract people and cause them to click on the title to read the blogpost. But again, be careful; don’t use common sales terms. Write in a manner that is friendly and honest, but also eye-catchy and enticing.

For example,

“10 Tips to Increase Sales Fast” is a good title.

“Want to Increase Sales? Use this Product!” is NOT.

3. They don’t try to sound too professional

Your readers don’t need that, and you don’t need that either – especially if you are trying to establish a connection.

Think of corporate-style website providing professional information about some product. Do you think you would be able to connect with the writer? I think not!

In order to build trust, the best business blogs write in a conversational tone. Now, many people make the mistake of thinking that this means writing like you would like in your personal chat box, not taking care of grammar, etc.

This is not right either!

Writing in a conversational tone simply means writing as if you are nicely talking to the reader. A great way of doing this is making use of the second person, or the word ‘you’, like I am doing right now.

Remember how I earlier mentioned even professional writers find it difficult to woo people with their blogposts? This is exactly why! If you truly want to learn how to write a business blog, remember that the best business blogs do not use huge words and a corporate tone. They are simple, straightforward, friendly and helpful!

Another tip to write the best business blogs is to avoid huge blocks of text. You need to let people enjoy your writing; it should not be an annoying effort to read a blogposts. So write in a comfortable tone, in catchy words and in short paragraphs and let the reader breathe!

4. They write enticing content

Remember that making someone reach your blogpost is not the goal; the goal is to make sure that when they begin reading, they don’t stop right until the end!

And this is something very few people can achieve. When people ask me how to write a business blog, I always tell them to think of things that make them read something on. Basically, you need to learn how to make people curious without adopting an annoying advertising tone.

Ideally, I’d say your opening paragraph or your introduction should be the enticing part. This means that don’t start the main body immediately, and don’t start it too late. You will always notice that the best business blogs throw the right information at you at the right time.

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You know those videos or articles that continue to provide fluff, and keep urging that they will provide a great tip right at the end? Those are the ones that are now usually seen as scams. So write an opening paragraph that will excite people, but don’t hold off the main information for so long that they will quit reading!

5. The best business blogs provide inspiration

I have followed quite a few blogs for a while now, and the one common thing in the best business blogs is the fact that they provide inspiration. They don’t write fluff with advertisements incorporated into it. Instead, they provide helpful information and write in a manner that truly makes you trust them and get inspired.

I think the best way to do this is to provide honest advice that will help your readers. Don’t think of your own sales at this point; think of what will genuinely help them succeed, and I assure you they will love your writing.


So for those of you who are trying to figure out how the best business blogs work and how to model after them, I would say the best way is to not see it a a formality or an annoying responsibility. When you write, write with passion and with an intention to help people and build a relationship with them. As long as you are honest, it will show and your readers will love you!

If you would like to talk to me in detail about the best business blogs and discuss further tips on how to write a business blog, feel free to write to me here or on my Facebook page. I will get back to you immediately!

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