5 Important Online Business Lessons I’ve Learnt

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Online businesses are tough, especially if you are someone who knew nothing about running a business till a few years back. If this is you right now, don’t worry; that’s where I started as well. Along the way, however, I learnt important online business lessons. They did take me time, because I learnt them the hard way, but that is the great thing about it – I now get to provide business coaching online for those who are where I once was!

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Before I share with you my top 5 online business lessons, let me tell you… this is not all about business techniques; it is an emotional roller coaster! So much time and energy and trial and error goes into an online business that sometimes you just want to throw it all away and go back to the easy life. But let tell you, if you stand tall through this mess, you are going to reach somewhere great!

I was completely clueless when I stepped into the industry, and I was overwhelmed by all the information. Eager to make progress, I took up on all business coaching online programs I could find, and needless to say, I was a victim of quite a few scams that cost me a lot. However, I regret none of this because I learnt the most important online business lessons out of my experience.

Here are the top 5 online business lessons!

1. Don’t trust everyone

And by this, I don’t mean just look at stuff and make sure there are no general signs of it being a scam. Trust me, scams are extremely hard to spot these days. Previously, you could have easily spotted a scam due to it’s commonly known nature and language. Now, however, it works differently. People actually INVEST their time and effort into scams! You won’t find random computerized scams, but actual people who will talk to you as if they are going to help you. They might even assist you for months and then take your money and not return anything! Trust me, it has happened to me.

The best of online business lessons that I got out of this was to always do a thorough research before relying on someone. I believe your best bet would be online forums. These are places where people discuss their experiences, and these are where you are likely to find out whether or not someone is a scam artist. Make sure you talk to similar people about the person you are planning to invest your money in, before you actually do it.

Trust me, the amount of information on the internet that can be fake is alarming!

2. Stick to one niche

At least at first, do this. You already don’t know much about online businesses, and trust me, there is a lot to learn. Having been in business coaching online for a while now, I see so many people who try to do it all at once because they will at least succeed in one, right? Wrong! When you have so much to do, chances are that none of the niches get proper time. So choose one, and work hard on it.

If you have your doubts, simple look at one of the most popular blogs that earn the most amount of money. They will always give you subtle online business lessons about being an expert in one niche, so that you can strive to be the best in it!

3. Don’t let money change you

This is one of those online business lessons you will need not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a person.  I have seen so many businesses rise and fall simply because success has the ability to change a person. In my business coaching online, I always tell my followers to stay humble and be smart with the money. Just because you made a lot of money does not mean you forget all about your initial aims and go crazy about a luxury lifestyle.

Instead, invest a certain amount back into your business, use the rest of the money however you want and make sure you new riches do NOT reflect in your attitude. This is one of the most valuable online business lessons I have learnt: people will provide value and as soon as they get money, they will stop posting regularly, will get lazy and not help their followers anymore.

If you want long-term success, don’t be that person!

4. Don’t stop learning

I am running a business coaching online business, and I still can’t say I have learned everything that there is to learn about my niche. It is constantly evolving and changes are coming in every minute, and I have to do all I can to stay updated.

This is one of the online business lessons I got from one of my best coaches: stay updated regularly so that information does not pile up. So I am always looking for new strategies and new pieces of information to share with my followers.

Trust me, not only does it help people but it also keeps my interest in my business heightened, since I keep learning and never get bored of it!

5. Help people out

Initially, all I wanted to do was make money. I would offer people to buy my product and if they did not want to, I would move on. Over the years, however, I have learnt one of the most important online business lessons: money will not always matter.

Remember that you are building a business for long-term success, not trying out a silly project where you can experiment with money-making techniques. So when you are out there running your business, remember that not everyone is going to give you money. However, don’t let it stop you from helping people. This is one of the online business lessons that people often forget about. They forget to help people and instead become self-centered.

My best tip is that keep helping people, even if you are not getting monetary gains out of it at the moment. You are getting trust and a good reputation, which will most definitely pay off in the future. And, of course, you will feel a lot happier about the work you are doing.

Reaching this point where I can provide business coaching online has been difficult. I have gone through several ups and downs, but have eventually learned these important online business lessons that I truly believe can get you through faster. Once you learn this, you can also start learning about subjects like online business growth.

If you would like more information on these, or would like to know more about my business coaching online, feel free to contact me here or on my Facebook page. I would be more than happy t get back to you!


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