5 Mistakes to Avoid in an Affiliate Program

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affiliate programWhen people first step into an affiliate program, most of them get there through hearing stories of affiliate marketers making large sums of money while sitting at home. In my experience of the field, I have observed that it is not uncommon for people to step in and expect to begin making large sums of money immediately. In the process, they don’t realize that an affiliate program needs you to build your reputation and ranking over time in order to succeed, and they make several mistakes that end up affecting their long-term success.

If you are someone who are planning to step into an affiliate program for the first time, therefore, following are some common mistakes that you must avoid in order to make sure you make some money out of your affiliate program.


  • Don’t take on too much

While you may feel that you can handle a lot, this may not be a great idea as a beginner. Remember that people are going to come to your blog or website repeatedly only if they feel like you are an expert on something. If you promote anything and everything for any affiliate program, you might soon be seen as a desperate affiliate marketer who only cares about their own commission. Therefore, only take on similar products and take a few affiliate programs so you can manage your content better.


  • Don’t try too hard to sell

As an affiliate marketer, you do have to advertise a product but you do not have to push people into buying it. Often, the pages of such marketers are filled with enlarged catch phrases like ‘BUY THIS NOW!’, and their sole aim seems to be pushing the reader into clicking a link so they can make money of off it. Don’t tell people to buy the product immediately; tell them why it is useful and give them a productive review, as is your job in the affiliate program.

  • Know what you are selling

Don’t join simply any affiliate program that offers a large percentage in commissions. Remember that you have to get potential sellers, but you also have to build your own blog’s reputation. If you write a great post about a product and the reader clicks the link only to find out that the product is a scam and is filling their inbox with spam, it will immediately hurt their trust. This means that you will lose traffic and your future affiliate marketing success will be affected majorly!


  • Don’t make false alarms

You might have seen people on discussion forums with signatures like ‘I made $5000 a week with this website!’. DON’T be that person. The modern day web user is smart enough to tell that such messages are scam. Do not lie to your readers because even if they do click on your link out of curiosity, they will never come back to it once their trust is broken and you might not succeed even in another affiliate program.


  • Don’t keep all your affiliate programs separate

New marketers often think that they cannot mix up the different products they are handling in their affiliate marketing campaigns. This is not true. The blog is yours and you can incorporate a number of products in the same post and benefit from all the links. A great way to do this is to write comparison articles, and compare a number of similar products. These are very popular among readers because they provide them with value and help them make a decision.


All in all, just make sure you plan out your affiliate marketing programs carefully before you begin working on them!

If you read through this article and benefitted from it, feel free to come back and brag! I would love to hear success stories from my readers and would respond to you personally. 😉

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