5 Ways to Manage Online Business Alone


A lot of the successful online businesses that you see around you have one thing in common, a big fat team. But is that it? Is it possible to manage online business alone or without a large workforce? I think it is, and here is how!

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Is it possible to manage online business alone?

A lot of the successful online businesses that you see around you have one thing in common, a big fat team. But is that it? Is having a large workforce the only way to have a successful business? Well the answer is definitely no. Here are my tried and tested ways to manage online business alone!

  1. Create your own website

As easy as it has gotten to create websites especially with all the amazing tools available on the internet (a lot of them for free), it seems pointless now to hire professionals to do that stuff for you. Be a proud Do It Yourselfer and save both money and the need to have a team of employees.

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  1. Managing your Ad campaign

New features on social media like the Facebook push video ad feature have made it extremely easy for people to manage online business alone. Now you don’t need a social media team. You can make video ads yourself, polish them up a little with the wide variety of apps available and just get going. It’s all right there. You just need to choose the platform that suits you best.

  1. Automated response for customer support

If you know your product inside out, you can certainly manage online business alone by creating things like automated responses to all the possible FAQs that you can think of about your product. This way, you don’t need to hire a team of employees to manage your customer support, the automated response will do it for you every time a customer has a question whose answer has been fed into the database already. It’s utilizing cool technology at its best.

  1. Social media marketing

This part needs a little thought and if you can afford it, a little investment too. Instead of putting in a long term effort and creating your own team of employees that will first be trained and guided to run your social media marketing campaign, just hire a PR firm. All you have to do is pay them and you will get your results that are far better since there is a trained team of professionals doing it for you. Also, this will save you the hassle of trying to manage a complete team, keeping them driven etc.

  1. Managing the expenditure and return

When you manage online business alone, you may be putting in more effort than those with a huge team of employees, but you are definitely cutting on expenditure. This means greater returns and greater profits. Also, your management of accounts is way simpler.


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I’ll be honest with you. Managing online business alone can be hefty task. But there are people who have been doing it for a while now and their experience and tips can help you do it too. All you need is renewed drive every single day and sense of responsibility to ensure you complete all your tasks in time. Passion, hard work, organization and consistency are the key to success especially when you decide manage your online business alone.

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