6 Characteristics of a Good Entrepreneur

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I have always seen something really interesting about new people that come into the industry… they are FASCINATED by the successful entrepreneurs; they want to know everything about them! What do they do, how do they spend their day, what is their magic money making formula… the questions are never-ending.

Have I had people come to be with such questions? Yes I have. Many of my followers ask me what are the characteristics of a good entrepreneur, and I personally think this is basically because successful business owners come off as really inspiring people, making newbies want to be like them.

Before I start with any entrepreneurship tips, I want to make it clear what I am doing here. I am NOT sharing with you only business tips that will help you make money. No… What I am trying to talk about are the unique habits that these entrepreneurs have like NORMAL people – which is to say, their general personality traits and daily habits that help them succeed at their work.

I also know that these characteristics of a good entrepreneur are not something everyone wants to hear about. Mostly, people just want the business tips, rather than entrepreneurship tips, that will increase their sales. I have previously written an article about business management tips of successful people for those who are more keen on knowing about those, but this is different. Just remember: you are not looking for short-term money, and your business is not something that is detached from you. The way you personally live your life and the way you see yourself as a person is directly going to affect your success.

Now, let’s get down to it. So what really are the characteristics of a good entrepreneur? What entrepreneurship tips do they use? What must a person do in order to shape him or herself in a way that will positively affect their business? Here is what:

They plan in advance

I know you have hear this a lot and it seems to be futile. I also know that you think you already have planned what you want to do. For example, ‘make a blog soon’, right?

Wrong. This is not the sort of vague planning I am talking about here. One of the characteristics of a good entrepreneur is that they know exactly how are they going to spend their week, or their day. They have goals for every day, or even every few hours. If you are not the sort of person who can set a daily goal, set a weekly one – but have short-term goals. Successful entrepreneurs are not lazy with vague ideas of what they want. They have specific things in mind.

Of course, they can then treat themselves with a day off – but don’t make this a habit!

They know what they want in the long-run

No, I am not talking about making lots of money, buying an apartment, etc. I am talking about the characteristics of a good entrepreneur that have more to do with their goals in life. For example, when I started my business, I set my mind to the idea that I am going to grow it to the point where I can comfortably skip work for a few days, help newbies find their way and comfortably enjoy my social life as well.

This is one of the great characteristics of a good entrepreneur. They know what they want out of their business and their life, and it is not ridiculously exaggerated or unrealistic.

They are physically healthy

Did you have to reread this one to check you didn’t misunderstand it? Well, you didn’t. I know what I’m talking about here! Trust me, if you are not physically healthy, it is going to affect your mind.

You know what they say about a business needing both your body and your mind? It is absolutely true, and knowing this is one of the best characteristics of a good entrepreneur.

While it might sound absurd, sleeping well, eating healthy and exercising are actually some of the best entrepreneurship tips I can give to you. Don’t become one of the lazy and miserable people who sit behind a computer all day. Make sure you are healthy, and trust me, not only will you find it easier to manage your business, but you will also feel so much more energetic and happier!

Want to succeed? Keep yourself healthy and don’t overlook your body’s needs.

They are smart with risks

Those who ask me the characteristics of a good entrepreneur always get this response: take risks smartly. If you look up entrepreneurship tips, you will find many telling you to take risks. But the catch is, these risks should be smart. Don’t be overenthusiastic and invest a lot in something that does not have probable profits. If you are low on budget, take low-budget risks (low-budget businesses discussed in more detail in this article). Be smart with analyzing the costs and benefits of everything.

One of the common habits and characteristics of a good entrepreneur is that they have it as a part of their normal schedule to carry out a thorough cost benefit analysis. You know those entrepreneurship tips telling you to write it down and keep a record? Take those seriously. Don’t be vague with plans and don’t make them in your head.

They never refuse to learn

There are those who think they are extremely smart and know everything. Trust me, these are usually the ones who turn out to be useless, self-obsessed gurus. A good entrepreneur is not one who has learnt everything; he/she is someone who never stops learning – because there is no limit to what you can learn!

For example, I have tried to adopt this as one of the best characteristics of a good entrepreneur. I post articles every day and guide people, but I also have other people to guide me. The more you learn, the better you get. And the process never stops! So if you find any entrepreneurship tips to telling you to become a perfect jack of all trades, don’t fall for them. Be real!

They criticize themselves

Yes, you should celebrate your successes, but you should also offer yourself constructive criticism. A great habit out of the best characteristics of a good entrepreneur is that they are not scared of not doing good. Instead, they look for instances where they might have done badly. They analyze their performance every week, look back on their mistakes and see what could have been improved upon, and then they do it. And you know what? They do this for everything in their lives.


So no, good entrepreneurs are not people who have secret entrepreneurship tips to make lots of money. They are just normal people with good habits, healthy mindsets and positive approaches towards life. And this eventually reflects in their business choices and decisions!


Want to know more characteristics of a good entrepreneur? Write to me below and I will be more than happy to help!

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