6 Content Promotion Tips for New Entrepreneurs

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Content promotion can be a tricky business for some people, especially those who just can’t think beyond nagging constant posts on social media. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, but you have to understand that content promotion is not a random process. It has to be organized and well executed if you want it to work.

Want content promotion tips? Just ask yourselves these 6 simple questions and you have got yourself the ultimate plan for making sure your content does what it is meant to do.

6 Content Promotion Tips Questions

1. What’s your plan?

Business can never ever work if you don’t plan things ahead of time. You aren’t a couch potato anymore who can just randomly do things. You have GOT TO BE ORGANIZED. Create a full-fledged plan and stick to it. It should contain information regarding what your content will be and your schedule for the future. This makes sure you don’t sway from your path and are always on the right track. It’s more like your own personal check and balance and is undoubtedly among my top content promotion tips.

2. What’s your personal brand story?

Emotions are a great way to connect with any audience. People don’t just need to buy your product like a simple mechanical procedure. There’s a human element to it that you can touch. So create your own TRUE personal brand story and share it with your audience. Make them understand you better and feel you. Best thing to do? Instead of just going on and on about the story, use this opportunity to incorporate ways to convert interested readers of your story into potential customers. It’s not just a content promotion tip; it’s also a branding technique.

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3. Are you giving offers and free stuff?

The bond between you and your customers needs a solid foundation if you want it to last long. So why not start the relationship with some free stuff. Give away good content for free. Make them want more and that’s your sales pitch. Offering free stuff is one of the best content promotion tips, as it helps establish a certain trust relationship between you and your customers. They feel well understood and helped.

4. What’s your social media strategy?

When it comes to social media, you have got to be prepared to put in some time and effort. This arena has become so vast that it’s not merely among content promotion tips anymore, it’s a necessity. Be there on all major platforms and promote and cross promote your content in a well-planned way.

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5. Are you tracking your success?

What is your conversion rate? How well are you doing? If you don’t have the answers to these questions, then you better start digging. Tracking your metric success is a major content promotion tips because it allows you to make changes and modify future content accordingly.

6. Are you well connected with your customers?

You can’t just create content and throw it in the air and never look back. Customer feedback is a key content promotion tip. It helps you optimize your future content and makes you aware of your target audience’s needs so you can create exactly what the audience wants from you.

All in all, these are your simple 6 step content promotion tips to ensure you create viral content not just once but continue to do so multiple times. Best of luck!

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