7 Top Branding Tips to Get Recognized in Your Market!

Did you know that scotch tape isn’t actually the term for the product. Scotch is actually the name of a famous brand that makes cellophane tapes. Such is the power of branding that the name stuck to people’s mind and tongues and some people still consider it scotch tape no matter what brand they are using. It cannot be stressed enough how important branding is to your business’s success. Here are my top branding tips for both fresh startups and those who are looking to establish themselves in the immense competition. There you go!

My Top Branding Tips

  1. The easier the better

There’s a reason this is among my top branding tips.  Nothing hampers a good sales pitch than complicated buying procedures. Nobody wants to learn a special process that they may have to go through just in order to make a purchase from you. So keep it simple. No lengthy shenanigans. The customer should feel at ease when trying to buy your product. Trust me; many potential customers are lost just because the buying procedure was so over the top of their heads that they switched to another brand. Don’t let that happen to you.

  1. Email automation

Email lists are a great way to convert prospects to actual customers and do it 24/7. You don’t have to have a team that’s up all night trying to market your products. Automated email system can send out details about your products as well as catchy offers to your customers even when you are busy taking a nap. This is round the clock marketing at its best and establishes your brand in the life of your customer and so makes it to my list of top branding tips.

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  1. Social media branding

I have said it before and I’m going to say this again and again as much as I can. THAT’S how important it is. These days if you are not on social media, a large population is unaware of your brand. Make sure you utilize the full potential of all major platforms of social interaction, especially ones that have a concentrated population of your niche’s target audience. Be there. Blend into people’s social circle.

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  1. Cross promotion

Cross promotion is simple yet crucial and one of the top branding tips you will come across. Make sure your audience knows how available you ae at every social media platform and follows you everywhere. Your twitter page should have a link to your Facebook page. Your Facebook page should let people find you on YouTube as well. Dominate the social media with constant and consistent presence.

  1. Reaching out

Branding isn’t a one day or one person job. You need help. That brings us to another gem from my top branding tips for you. Contact the media persons out there with platforms like HARO and seek their help in promoting your brand.

  1. Customer service

There’s no way this wouldn’t make to any list of top branding tips. A happy customer is a long lasting customer. Be there. Answer queries. Solve problems and you have got yourself a customer who just can’t walk away.

  1. Stand out in your niche

Last but not the least, my top branding tip for every single business, whether small or large. MAKE SURE YOU OFFER SOMETHING DIFFERENT FROM YOUR COMPETITORS. Whether its quality or extra offers or coupons or whatever, you have got to have an attractant that makes customers ignore the rest and rush to you.


That’s it for now. These are my top branding tips for all of you out there. Just remember, make a plan and stick to it and things will just fall into place. Have fun guys!

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