8 Killer Tips to Make More Sales Online

The purpose of every business is to make sales. Some do it really well, others aren’t getting the desired results. What features separate these two? There are a couple of tweaks and changes that you can make on your website to ensure that you make more sales online. Here are some that I find most tempting.

Make more sales online!

  1. Visual display

When it comes to websites, a common misunderstanding is that being flashy and unusual makes your website more attractive (Read: Website Improvement Tips for Beginners). It may work in some cases, but most people actually prefer a simpler font display rather than a way too stylish one. Big websites that make more sales online have simple fonts and are doing very well. Reason? Simplicity is appealing in the long run.

  1. Traffic conversion

Do you know what percentage of your traffic is actually converting? If not, then start working on it. Websites that make more sales online are constantly in the practice of performing conversion audits. This helps them make any changes necessary to ensure that more traffic converts.

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  1. Videos and tutorials

This is a tried and tested way to make more sales online. If you make a video about your product, it will attract more customers as videos give away clearer idea than text and help you reach out to your customer with greater depth and understanding.

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  1. Source of calls

If you are receiving calls regarding your products, why not track where the calls are coming from. This is a great way to monitor existing sales and make more sales online by knowing what area generates most calls and then focusing on it. A lot of call-tracking services are available for this.

  1. Visitor interests

Do you know what part of your website is most visited? What portion gets the most clicks? Well, if you did (and you can with tools like crazyegg), then you can focus on the portion of your website that generates most visitor interest. This is targeted marketing and management at its best and ensures that you make more sales online.

  1. Google Analytics

A lot of people have absolutely no understanding of Google Analytics. Don’t be one of them. If you wish to make more sales online, then it is customary for you to understand and analyze your Google Analytics data. This way, you will be able to identify which of your channels generates the most traffic and has the greatest conversion rates so you can pay more attention to it.

  1. Live Communication

A live chat is the best way to communicate for all businesses. You can make a lot more sales online if your customers feel that they can connect with you and you will be there to address all their queries. This can also enable you to market your product in a better and more interactive session.

  1. Better goodbyes

A goodbye, as I always say, is a start. So make sure that your customer does not leave just yet. Add a pop-up at the exit with an offer so tempting that the customer can’t refuse. Be creative. If you want to make more sales online in the long run, give away some free stuff and you have earned yourself a permanent client.


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Creativity and polishing of existing efforts with a few changes here and there can make a huge difference in your efforts to make more sales online. So try these and I assure you you will enjoy the experience! Also remember that there is no magic strategy, but there are always a few that will work best for you and only you can find out which ones those are!

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