8 Online Marketing Tools to Help You Monitor Your Success

Online marketing tools used to be a snazzy concept. Now they are absolutely NECESSARY. The reason? None other than the incredibly massive pace of online marketing. You are running out of time and you don’t have enough manpower. What do you do? How do you monitor your success? How to you keep your leads from walking away? How do you track your customers? How do you make your website design attractive? A lot of questions for the naive mind, and thankfully simple answers lie in some amazing online marketing tools and tricks. There you go!

Online Marketing Tools

  1. First impression tweaks

The outlook of your website is extremely important. It’s just basic common sense actually. The first impression that the customer gets of you is through the visual design of your product. If it’s appealing, they stay. If the visual impression isn’t good enough, you lose them. So go for online marketing tools such as Canva and make sure your customer is thoroughly enchanted by your display. The best part is, it’s easy to use s you don’t have to be a pro for this.

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  1. Social media marketing

Social media marketing automation and planning is extremely crucial. You have to save both time and money and also get results. That’s where online marketing tools like Buffer come in to save the day. Whether you want the free plan or the paid one with more features, this is definitely worth exploring.

  1. What’s your site speed?

Slow sites are bad sites. We all hate those. So what about yours? Monitor your site speed with online marketing tools like Pingdom Website Speed Test. This thing is pure gold, guys, and the kind of tool that helps you immensely in the long run.

  1. Call to action

Yes, there are direct apps for that. This makes sure your customer is just a click away from you. My personal recommendation among online marketing tools is Openr.

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  1. Developing bonds

You have to know your customer well and there has to be a personal relationship if you want them to stay. Developing bonds is a necessity in the world of marketing, may it be online or otherwise. With online marketing tools like Person and FullContact, you can do this in a simple and fun way.

  1. Turning visitors to leads

As I always say, your goodbye is basically a start of the relationship with your customer. If done right, it can turn even a random visitor into a lead. Thanks to awesome online marketing tools like Picreel that can help you make sure that happens.

  1. Track your mailing list

Those of you who are still spending all day long tracking your mailing lists should just take a deep breath and go for online marketing tools like Ducksboard. Time is money guys. Save it and let these amazing tools do the strenuous work for you.

  1. Demand and supply

Business is all about understanding demands of your customers and supplying them with services they need. Know your niche’s trends and create viral content just the way it’s needed. For me, the best of online marketing tools is Buzzsumo and it is worth every penny.


Online marketing is getting bigger and better. Get the best of it with the latest online marketing tools and ensure your business’s progress in the long run.





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