8 Ways to Get More Customers for Your Online Business!

At some point or the other, we have all Googled ‘how to get more customers online’. And almost always, we are presented with the same old tips – the ones we have used over and over to no avail.

We focus on marketing campaigns, advertise and update our website daily… then why aren’t the customers coming?! It is a question that has troubled most internet marketers. So in this article, I decided to put down some ways you can think OUTSIDE the box and come up with new ideas on how to attract more customers. They worked for me and I hope they will work for you too!

Get More Customers with unconventional ways!

Let us focus on not so commonly heard methods of doing this. Here are 8 of my favorites:

1. Host an event

Ever thought of hosting an event when trying to get more customers? In person, people always hold seminars and group activities in order to get more customers. Why not do the same for an online business?! A great idea can be to host a webinar for your followers or even an interact group conference with your closer circle of subscribers.

Why would a webinar work for you? Because there are people out there who need your help and they want to trust you! And take it from me: it is easier to trust someone you can see live and hear talking than someone who barely sits behind a screen and types alluring taglines but does not really connect with people.

2. Provide FREE samples

Many people are too tightly holding on to their money, and this is why they never know how to attract more customers. Know that the best part of a successful online business is having people who trust you and love you, and know you are there for them, which is why they are also there for you. And to get such people, provide FREE samples!

Again, I always stress this to my followers: why not use real-life techniques to get more customers through the internet? You always see people giving you free samples of a new product. Give your online subscribers free samples of your service!

Some great ideas are to offer free blogposts, post a free video before asking them to pay for a bunch, offer them a free 15-minute call or question-answer session, etc. Trust me, they will be more willing to pay you and trust you this way, provide that your free sample is attractive enough!

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3. Host fun Facebook campaigns

Who ever said online marketing has to be a dry and boring affair?! Of course you can make it fun, even if you are serving to business-minded people! I am serving to people who are running businesses, yet I make sure my Facebook page is always interesting in order to get more customers – and those who actually enjoy my work. I always post things I am thinking about, or update status message asking people interesting questions.

Such healthy interaction is bound to get more customers for you if you are trying to figure out how to find customers online. You can also host fun campaigns like giving away a free call or a free video to people who share your page, or simple ask a question and give an advantage to the best answer! Social media marketing is the best form of interaction and it can be more interesting than you think!

4. Get more customers with cool referrals

This is a similar way to get more customers – and it’s free of cost! The idea is that you tell your followers they can only access a certain product after they give you a shout-out on their page or website. You can also make this fun by giving them a funny tagline for a shout-out, or asking them to write a short and fun review about you and share it with their friends and family online.

So if you are figuring out how to attract more customers, it doesn’t get any easier and more interesting than this!

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5. Introduce online courses

This is my favorite one and one that you can see I am practicing as well! A great way get more customers or potential customers to sign up for you and stay with you is by offering online courses. This could be a video course, a set of instructional blogposts, a weekly or fortnightly webinar or even a podcast!

There are many out there who are eager to learn and can find you through online courses.

6. Get creative with videos

If you are posting dull old boring videos, that might be the reason you don’t know how to find customers online.

Make your marketing videos interesting by talking in a conversational style than a rehearsed script. You can also crack jokes and maybe even use interesting props to keep your watchers interested.

How does this work? People like to share things that are creative and are fun to watch, and without you asking, they will be liking your videos and commenting on them and maybe even sharing them with their friends giving you free publicity!

If this interests you, you can read my detailed post on Video Marketing Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Get More Customers.

7. Use LinkedIn creatively to get more customers

You’ve used websites, ad websites, social media platforms, what not. But have you thought of LinkedIn? You don’t only have to use it for looking for an offering jobs; it is also a great way of staying ‘IN’ in the industry and connecting with other business owners and their followers. Naturally, a wider reach means you get more customers simply by being more well-known. Obviously, people are more inclined to believe someone whose name they have heard than someone completely obscure and unknown.

8. Collaborate with other marketers

Why only use your own ways to generate traffic and get more customers? There are legal and healthy ways to use the traffic of others!

You can start on this by interacting with other marketers and by presenting yourself as a friend and a supporter instead of an envious rival. If you feel that someone works the same way that you do and you could work together, offer them something! This could be as small as sharing each others’ links on Facebook pages, or as big as having a joint venture together.

Whatever it is will mean that you will get to access another set of potential customers all in one place without having to find them yourself. But with this, remember to be fair both to your and your partner’s business as well as customers.


These, along with several other out-of-the-box ideas, can help you figure out how to attract more customers and eventually get more customers online.

Have more unique ideas to get more customers? Write to me below and feel free to discuss!






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