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anisa aynashe

Off to a Tough Start

My childhood has been marked by two aspects: one good and one bad. I was born in Abu Dhabi and grew up in London, which opened my horizons from a very early age, and taught to be flexible and to adapt. That was very good. On the other hand, my parents got divorced when I was only 8 years old, after having been a privileged spectator of a very distressing show: my parents’ constant misunderstandings, disagreements and tensions. That was very bad. So my mother got her divorce and that’s when we moved to London – my mother and I. Oh, right, and all my other siblings: a whole football team of 11!


As my childhood and teenage times progressed, I finished high school in 1997 and move on to college, which actually got me nowhere. All that I had to show for myself was a not so pretty collection of dead-end jobs that were boring, frustrating and poorly paid. This was how I wasted a whole decade trying to fulfil my potential – only to never see any fulfilment whatsoever. I knew I had a lot to offer, but I just was not managing to make it come through. Still, I learned some very hard lessons, which, looking back, now make me think that those years were not wasted after all – life has taught that you can learn as much from the good thing as you can learn from the bad things that happen to you. And, sometimes, the bad things will actually teach you a lot more!

Eventually, these lessons helped me to grow wiser and stronger. Hardship was indeed a great teacher, and turned me into a self-reliant woman with an undying commitment to be happy and successful. As I came to see, my real happiness, as well as my real challenges, were yet to come: I settled down in 2009 and had my first born child, Shakeel, in 2010, who is now 5 and half years old, and, two years later, I had my beautiful daughter, Iman, who is now 3 and half years old. Becoming a mother showed the way by which true happiness and real heavy challenges can come hand in hand – parenting literally changed everything in my life, as well as my perception of happiness and responsibility.

As happy as I was with my children, life nevertheless kept being very hard on me. In early 2013, I was facing one of the most relentless and psychologically violent threats that one can possibly face: debt. Student loans, bills and all the small but vital things that my children needed had turned into a debt-crushing nightmare. I had creditors coming to my doorstep every two weeks, and I was literally feeling so crushed, that I kept thinking: “there is no way out!”

It didn’t take long for things to dramatically fall apart. I stopped eating and stress was the one actually eating me alive. I simply couldn’t see what I could do to make the future for me and my children be better. Things looked darker than ever and I couldn’t see any bright days coming my way. I felt as worried as I felt ashamed, for what my children had to go through, and that was the final blow to my already failing structure: I was hospitalized for two weeks due to being utterly unable to cope with the stress I was going through.

However, life, which had always been a punishing teacher to me, was again teaching me what it had already shown to me: sometimes, we need to go into dark places so that we can become so fully aware of the importance of light when we finally reach it. To me, that light was God and my loving family, who never abandoned me and stayed with me – day and night. Quite simply, I would not have made it without them. And I did make it.

So I got out of the hospital and I had to reassess my life. I was 31 years old. A loving mother, yes, but feeling like a complete failure. I saw all my brothers and sisters with steady and promising careers, which they secured after college. I, on the other hand, had nothing but problems and a nervous break-down – but also that undying commitment to be happy, to provide for my children, and to one day accomplish the success and fulfil the potential I always knew I had.

So I was off to a fresh start, I thought. I applied for a university loan with the intention of completing my university studies. After all, if my brothers and sisters had done it successfully, so could I, I thought. However, I never did get the time to study. I was being chased by creditors and my plans to finish my studies would definitely not pay any bills.

The First Major Breakthrough

That was when the first major breakthrough happened in my life. I applied for a sales job in Westfield and I got the job. In a mix of despair and commitment, I literally threw myself into that opportunity and decided that I would give my all to make that work for me. And it worked. I quickly became the top sales person. I was promoted several times, and that was when I thought to myself that things were finally working out for me and my children. I felt great, rewarded and encouraged to go on making solid steps to build my career. My commitment paid off: I was finally having a peaceful life with a future to look forward for. Debt was coming down, freedom was going up, and my job kept progressing on the following year. I became the top sales person – and, then, I knew I had to be proud of myself for standing my ground and for staying true to my undying commitment to succeed, despite all those dark times that I went through.

Little did I know that I was coming to the end of those good times. I soon had an accident on my back and I ended up not being able to do what I wanted to do. It was all downhill from that point onwards. Again. I couldn’t believe it!

Still, I was not going down without a fight. Not by any means, I thought! Once again, I had to pick up myself and get going – I had a happy life to re-build and two wonderful children to love and take care of. So I remembered that harsh lesson that has stayed with me throughout my life: there is always a light after the darkness, so, when in the darkness, we need to remember how the light we once saw was, and how it should shine for us once again. So I decided to seek for the light, as I always have.

In practical terms, this meant that, with just a few thousand pounds in the bank and no job, I had to quickly find a way of making some money. I knew customer service wasn’t an option any more, because of my back condition, so I joined the endless league of people exploring the possibility of working from home – and for me that meant working online.

The Life-Changing Breakthrough

I knew I was not going to suddenly become a millionaire with my online marketing ventures, but I did not think it would be as hard as it has been, either. I spent the next year trying just about every way of making money online, and with little success.

I tried affiliate marketing and I tried selling websites. I fell into the trap of buying into several different marketing systems, which I came to learn it is never a good idea. After all, it is possible to make a lot of money in online marketing, but you need to avoid the pitfalls. The many “gurus” and “sure-thing-systems” out there will get you into spending a lot of money, only to be worse off at the end. Guess what? That was my story! In trying to make money, I went into a lot of debt, in the £8,000 region, so I ended up losing money – instead of making the money online marketing was supposed to bring me.

Aside from an odd $50 commission here and there, I was back to square one. Or worse. After months of trying to make a liveable income online, only to see very little success and very high debt piling up, I was still determined to make sense of the online marketing profits opportunity that I knew existed.

After all, I knew that a lot of people were really making a lot of money by working online, from their homes. I knew that those small commissions that I was earning meant that I was on to something – hopefully to get me to where those people were. Plus, I was feeling free for not working a 9-5 job. I hated being locked to one single location and I knew better than wasting my life exchanging my time and work for a small amount of money. “That’s not how people do well in their lives”, I said to myself. I had to find a way to make it work, and to go on having the freedom and time to enjoy the company of my children, and seeing them growing while being a present mother – there with and for them!

That’s when it hit me! Not an accident, this time. Rather, a life-changing idea. My “Eureka moment”, let’s say. I knew I could make money online because I had made some money. The problem was that the commissions that I was earning from promoting $100 products were in the region of $50 per sale, which would mean that I could only make a decent amount of money from there if I sold large quantities – which, as you surely know, is not very easy to do. Also, if I were to do that, I would have to be tied down to my laptop possibly 12 hours a day. And that’s not what I was looking for.

My Eureka Moment

So this was when I finally thought about something fairly obvious that I had not realized before: I had no problem making commissions – the problem was that they were small. So, instead of throwing myself into maddening times of online work to increase the volume to make those small commissions count, I realized that I had to focus on the SIZE rather than the VOLUME of the commissions. Obvious, right? Yes, but it’s easy to say it once you see it!

So I figured that, instead of promoting $100-worth products to make $50-worth commissions, I should promote $1000-worth products that would yield $500-word commissions per sale. I was on to something big – and I knew my final great breakthrough was closer than ever.

High Ticket Products: You Gotta Love Them

I signed up for the online training program and I’ll be very honest with you: I have not looked back since. This is not “sure-thing system” that will break your bank – this is a proven marketing system for high-ticket highly converting products that people want to buy. There’s no obscure system and no hidden details are to be found. On the contrary, I had access to my own personal coach, that worked with me the training.

So this is how I got here. It has been extremely hard, but the point is that I learned a lot from all that I have experienced. And, long story short, I believe that I’ve gone through all of this hardship-filled path so that you don’t have to.

I’ve spent some rough times in order to build the good online business that I now run. I love helping new partners to go from new marketers to marketing stars. Plus, I decided that I should become an online affiliate marketing mentor so that I can help you avoid all the pitfalls and walk right into the way to build a success online business.

I now work for myself, answer to no boss, and spend time with my kids and never miss a moment.  My message to you is: and so can you! I have already coached others, and, if you have any doubts about how well this turned out to be for them as well, you can click here to check out what they had to say about me.

So this is your life-changing, success-defining moment: know that you know all this, what are you going to do about it?

Now that you know my story, and if you are in a similar situation, why go through all of those sad and very distressing and frustrating moments, if you can cut your way directly into a program that works?

That is what I am recommending you: take the Aspire training program and save yourself all the hardship that you do not need to live through. And it’s only one click away!

You can easily apply for the video training program by clicking the link below. You’ll only pay $1 (that’s right, you’re already seeing how accessible it is), and you will then have your own personal coach, who will talk to you on the phone or Skype as you go through the training. How great would that be?

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Once you go through the program, if you do decide to partner with the business, I will start working with you on an ongoing basis.

I sincerely hope that my story may have inspired you. I would normally not be inclined to share it publicly, but I feel that, after all that I’ve lived, I had to share it with others who are still where I was some time ago. I feel that I can help you and I do sincerely want to help.

However, as much as I want to help you, you need to make a decision first: how strongly do you want to see prosperity entering your life? If you are the same undying commitment to succeed that also brought me here, let’s get started! Believe me: not even the sky will be a limit!

I hope to speak to you soon,

See you at the TOP,


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