Are Affiliate Marketing Blogs for You?

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affiliate marketing blogsWhile blogging about making money as an affiliate, I often get questions related to the requirements for affiliate marketing blogs. Naturally, people who have never stepped in the industry and have often been scared by stories of scams are unsure whether they can do it.

I have noticed that it becomes even more confusing because of other online money making opportunities. You can, for example, start a small scale business of your own products. You can also go for freelancing jobs.

So how do you really determine whether affiliate marketing blogs are what you should go for? How do you really know if you can do it?

Well, the fact is, you can’t really know anything for sure. You can’t possibly know how well you will eventually do in a field. But you certainly can get a very good idea. (Also read: Should you start a business blog?)

Affiliate Marketing Blogs Tips


Are you looking for full-time earning?

If you are ready to manage a full-time job. Affiliate marketing blogs can be great for you. Eventually, if your blog gets lots of readers, you will realize that it will need more and more time. With the right strategy, even your earning can be enough for full-time expenses!

However, initially, you must not give up your job. This is because building affiliate marketing blogs and getting traffic needs time. There is no overnight magic without hard work!

Do you have enough time?

Affiliate marketing blogs will not work like your usual freelancing jobs. While you can spare an hour or two for your daily writing job, affiliate marketing is like managing an entire small business. You have to run a blog, update it, keep a track of your readers, interact with them, etc.

If you do want to make money with affiliate marketing, therefore, you must make sure you have enough time to invest in it.

Are you ready for a long-term plan?

The simple fact is: affiliate marketing blogs will not give you returns overnight. The good news, however, is that you can make a great long-term plan for huge earnings, and get them if you stick to your plan.

When you regularly keep updating your blog and get yourself some loyal readers and customers, making money with affiliate marketing will become really easy in the long-run.

Are you ready for the expenses of a business, not a job?

Affiliate marketing blogs run like an entire business. You will not only have to post on your blog; you will also have to work on marketing it, gaining traffic and interacting with your buyers.

Trust me, no matter how small it is, it is like managing an entire business!

Are you willing to learn?

In the world of affiliate marketing blogs, there is a lot to learn. Most probably, you will have to find a guru or a coach to help you through the process.

While many think this is an unnecessary investment, it can really save you a lot of time an effort. You must, therefore, be willing to invest some time and money in quality training, if you want to speed up the process!


If you are really in this, I believe nothing is impossible. If you believe blogging is for you, you are welcome to read more of my posts on how to write a blog effectively to maximize results and how to get more blog traffic to make more sales.

I believes these basic questions can give you an idea of what affiliate marketing blogs require. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, you can write to me below. For further help, you can sign up for my free bootcamp training below today!


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