What Is The Best Sales Funnel


In today’s video, I give some advice on building a sales funnel for your home business opportunity.

As I explain in the video, it’s all in the follow up! Enjoy the video.

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Video Transcription

Hey, guys, it’s  Anisa Aynashe here, from followanisa.com, and welcome to today’s lesson.

I want to talk to you all about one of the most important lessons and that’s the sales funnel. And why you really need a sales funnel in place.

What Is The Best Sales Funnel

Number one, a sales funnel is a specific order in which you present products which drastically increases the amount of your sales. When I say drastically, I mean you’ll make a thousand percent more sales when you implement a sales funnel.

Number two, instead of selling the entire product for one price, on one page, you can actually split the products up to individual pages component and walk visitors through a purchase process. This eliminates the sticker shock and builds trust and impose to increase purchase propensity.

Number three, you can actually create more sales opportunities on the back-end by crafting a sales funnel that segments your visitors into targeted groups of people. This allows you to laser target your audience and keeps you making money from them while helping them and becoming their hero.

Now, creating a sales funnel is absolutely easy, once you know the main components, and once you learn how to create one and once you learn how to connect the pieces. A lot of people think that they can create a sales funnel because they’ve been through a few as a buyer, but they’re wrong. A super sales funnel has so many possible purchases part that one customer never sees all the options. It’s like ‘make your own ending book’, it’s actually exactly like that. Your customers will customise their own ‘to purchase’ part and you as the vendor will make the real money on the deep ends of the funnel. So, I’m going to walk you through on the importance of creating a sales funnel and why you really need to do it the right way.

Now, here are few things that you really need to be aware of:

  • A sales funnel is just a process for your leads to actually go through.
  • If you straightaway start to really “pitch” they are going to associate you with just like any other marketer who’s just trying to make a quick buck from them. So, you really want to avoid being just that typical marketer who’s just trying to sell, sell, sell, and shove products down their throat.
  • And because this is a crowded niche, you really need to “over deliver” on value.
  • Some people don’t have a “sales funnel” and this is why they don’t really make any money online.

I see so many affiliates online that send customers straight to their sales page- where the product is being sold- with a short video of enticing customers of what, why they need to buy a product and then why underneath that there’s a purchase bar where they’re just sending customers and the traffic directly to the sales page, rather than delivering value, and selling the products that they’re actually selling on the back-end.

What is the best sales funnell

Most sub-marketers and most successful people never ever sell their product on the front-end, they make sure they always plan through a sales funnel and they place that product in the back-end. This is where most people go wrong- they send traffic directly to their sales page and they really put so many people off, especially these types of sales doesn’t even work out anymore. So, you really need to have a right sales funnel in place if you really want to start crushing it online and have plenty and plenty sales and money rolling in and tonnes and tonnes of sign ups in your business. And also, I see a lot of people that don’t even care about helping people or providing value; all they care about is “How can I make that money?” and “How fast can I make it?” “Who can I make that quick change off, who could buy from me?” and “How fast can I actually move this product?” this is how they think and that’s the wrong mindset. You should never ever think like that. Always think about the value that you’re providing because people will always come back to buy from you.

Now, with this sales funnel, we always start with giving something away for free.

the best sales funnel

Whether it’s an e-book, or whether it’s tutorial videos or whatever it may be; you have to give away a value so people can actually want to really obtain and see what you have to offer. So, you always give something away, whatever it is- a little video that’s actually welcoming them. As long as it’s a value-based information, you’ll always be the winner. So, you can give away like an e-book- a free e-book- you can give away video courses, you can also give away webinars, where you’re actually teaching people what you have learned, and maybe you go and learn something about PPC or PPV and you go ahead and invite people to your webinar next week and you can show people how to start a campaign up using PPV or whatever it may be. As long as you’re providing value, you’re on the right path.

Now, this is how most people market.

the best sales funnel

They market- from a capture page, they move them to a ‘thank you’ page, where they’re hyping stuff up then they start pitching, pitching; buy, buy, buy. And then they wonder why they’re not making any money and the simple term is because you’re pitching and you’re shoving offers down your visitors’ throat. And if you’re marketing this way, I really need you to understand that it’s time for you to stop doing this and think about the bigger picture, if you want to make money in the long-term, you really need to start providing value.

And now, this is the right way of creating a sales funnel.


So, this is my sales funnel. I actually capture my leads and I send them to a ‘thank you’ page and after I send them to a ‘thank you’ page, the next day I email them day one- understanding of your reason why. So, I talk to them briefly and explain to them the importance of having a ‘why’ in place and I send them back to ‘how to set up your foundation’, which is your blog. I run them through, I teach them step by step how to do it, then I send them to a third video talking about ‘Understanding the different types of products’ they can promote online and I talk about ‘click bank’ and other affiliate products. And then on the fourth day, I talk about squeeze pages and different types of funnels, just like the one you’re going through, and I also talk about email marketing and much, much more videos. In this way, I’m actually building a relationship with my leads by providing value, teaching them, helping them- just building that relationship with them from the start to finish. If you end up marketing this way, and you end up creating a sales funnel that will help you build relationships rather than just pitch, pitch, pitch.

Now, if we go back to the other one, how most marketers market online: from their ‘thank you’ page, from the capture pages they send them to a ‘thank you’ page and they start shooting them some emails with their affiliate link, telling them to buy, buy, buy. And this way, really and truly, nobody will ever buy from you. So, you really need to have a powerful sales funnel in place, definitely.

So, now that we’ve reached the end of today’s video, talking about what makes a great sales funnel, I really hope that you have enjoyed and got tonnes of values from this video today. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. You can also reach out to me on Facebook, ask me anything you have in mind. 

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