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online content marketingWhile I have already written a detailed articles on content marketing tips for beginners, online content marketing is something that cannot be stressed on enough in terms of its significance for getting traffic. A very important lesson I have derived from the highs and lows I’ve been through in the marketing industry is this: as long as your content is true and useful, people will come.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what most people forget with online content marketing. Some go through an entire marketing training course and only pick up on advertising strategies to get more people to visit their websites, without realizing that engaging is genuinely informative content is what is eventually going to make people want to stay on the website what they get there. This is exactly what online content marketing endorses, and what I am going to stress on today.

If you join my bootcamp, you will also see in my internet marketing training videos how I stress on the importance of useful content, and teach you how to create it perfectly. Remember: the modern day web user is smart and will not be lured into anything that does not reflect true usefulness and originality. Out of my internet marketing training videos, here are three major tips I am putting down for you.

Keep your message consistent

Not many people understand this. They go through several marketing training courses and derive that they constantly need to change their content in order to keep up with the market. This is both right and wrong; yes, your content needs to be updated and replaced constantly. However, no, this does not mean that the main idea behind your content must also change. With online content marketing, remember that consistency is extremely important. You build major consumer trust when you stay true to what you initially stated instead of changing the idea of your content every month. There must be a clear goal and a confident and specific tone, which should stay evident throughout all your updates.

Don’t stick to one platform

Sure, your blog is where you want people to be so you can sell more. However, who says you must stay limited to your blog? In the internet marketing training videos in my bootcamp, I constantly stress on how you must utilize multiple platforms to get your message across, even if it is the same message over and over again! Do you have a video that you would like to market? My marketing training course suggests that you keep the complete video for your blog or YouTube channel, while keep intriguing clips of it to be posted on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and other popular platforms. This online content marketing strategy helps you draw people from different platforms as well as increasing the total reach and therefore the total views on your video, like the example mentioned.

When do you post the content?

No, having a blog does not mean that you flood it with content any time you like. It also does not mean that you have to post occasionally so as to keep the curiosity up. A good internet marketing course will teach you the importance of timing, and will tell you that online content marketing can have a majorly different effect if posted at different times. To ensure you don’t mess this up, conduct your research and find out what your readers currently need the most. For example, is your customer on your blog to read a review? In this case, you must post all the useful content immediately! On the other hand, if you are offering some information for free and the other in a book, video or webinar, all bits of information must be revealed at the right time.

With online content marketing, there are no set rules. However, the best advice I can give you is to work out what works best for your business alone. If you need any help during the process, you can join my free bootcamp to access several internet marketing training videos. You can also write to me below in the case of any queries!


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