Brand Building Strategies for A Small Business

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Over the years I have spent in the online marketing industry, I have seen many strategies rise and fail. For every new strategy that comes into the market, there is a massive boom. From there, it’s either consistent success or a constant downfall. You can observe this with most online marketing strategies. Social media marketing? On a constant boom. Selling through emails? Not so much.

So what really are the best marketing strategies that I have noted down? For me, the crux of it varies; it really depends on your brand. Remember, the question you need to ask yourself is NOT ‘What are the best marketing strategies?’

It needs to be ‘What are the best brand building strategies that work for MY business?’

How you go on about the marketing process really depends on the nature of your product, your business and consequently the target market that you are looking at. Your goal, therefore, needs to be to find out the best brand building strategies that work for your small business.

Whether you have just introduced your own product or are marketing products as an affiliate, brand building is what you really need to be focusing on.

Ideally, when it comes to brand building strategies, here is one advice I would give to you if you are a beginner: focus on one product.

Your blog or website will have plenty of time to market more products later. For now, pick out the one that you think works the best for you and go from there. Remember that marketing one product is what will build consumer trust in you faster than if you are marketing a number of products. The latter merely reflects that you are trying to figure out how to sell more and not how to provide value. While you do need to focus on how to sell more, it will eventually come from the brand building strategies that you focus on.

Here are some brand building strategies that make up my favourites. So if you are wondering ‘how to build my brand?’, this is the way to go.

Think of the product as a person

Defining your brand properly is the first and perhaps the most important step of the journey. Remember that people will not be attracted when you define your brand according to its apparent traits and don’t provide them with any insights. If you are wondering how to sell more, one the best brand building strategies is to think of your brand as a person with several traits, expectations and uses. Introduce these to your consumers and be open to make changes to the ‘personality’ of your brand if they suggest so.

Don’t mimic big brands

Big brands are already where you are aiming to be, and they did not start with the brand building strategies that they are using right now. Therefore, these might not work the best for you. If you are wondering how to build my brand, the ideal way is to focus on a small market and serve your best to them. Figure out what your small target market wants and provide them with that. You will eventually learn how to sell more and be closer to the big brands!

Establish long-term relationships with customers

This is perhaps one of the most important brand building strategies, even if you are working as an affiliate. Remember that YOU are what your brand is associated with and represented by. Unless you make your customers happy, respond to their queries regularly and address their concerns and criticism you will not be able to build a great reputation for your product.

If you are wondering how to sell more with more detailed brand building strategies, I can help you with that. Sign up for my free bootcamp training to access detailed videos on brand building and several other marketing areas.

If there is something specific you would like me to write about, simply comment below! Cheers.


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