Branding Yourself Online to Increase Sales

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branding yourself onlineWe always talk about how important product quality and internet marketing is. When you search online solutions regarding increasing online sales, you will probably reach responses telling you to do everything from improving your product to focusing on your web design.

I, however, think differently.

Over the years, I have realized that there is one very important thing that overtakes branding your product… Branding Yourself!

That’s right. While most of us keep trying to make our product perfect and highlight it in every marketing campaign, we forget to brand ourselves.

Why is branding yourself online important?

If you own a business, yes, you need to focus on the product. However, when you are running an affiliate marketing blog, it is branding yourself online that is more important and can lead to success faster.

How does this really happen? Let us look at an example to understand this better.

There is an affiliate marketing blog that sells different products, but not much is known about the person who manages the blog. On the other hand, compare it with a blog that is managed by a popular writer. This writer has social media fan following and is acclaimed for his/her helpful tips and writing.

Would you be more likely to buy from the first or the second blog? I would personally go for the second; I believe branding yourself online is a great way to build trust in your affiliate marketing blog and is also the biggest step to increasing online sales.

Another reason why branding yourself online is important is the consistent experience it creates in the minds of your consumers. They are not only looking at the different products they are buying; they are focusing on buying them from YOU.

Yes, it does add a lot of pressure to maintain usefulness and be there for your consumers, but once you do this, you will find that your affiliate marketing blog will experience increasing online sales as a result of heightened consumer loyalty.

You know how we often talk about defining your product as if it is a person? Let’s actually focus on defining yourself!

How do you brand yourself online for your affiliate marketing blog?

You might be nervous when it comes to branding yourself online. This is because most bloggers usually do not start blogging with this plan in mind.

But trust me, it is not that difficult. In fact, it will make you feel even better and will help with increasing online sales.

Here are a few steps you can follow on your affiliate marketing blog in order to learn branding yourself online…

Identify your skills

Tell your readers what you are good at. For example, are you good at fashion tips? Showcase that and then sell fashion products on your affiliate marketing blog! This way, people will know you are not selling without any knowledge.

Showcase your excellence

Often, when branding yourself online, you will try to sell everything everywhere. This should not be the case. While you post reviews and marketing content on your affiliate marketing blogs, you should also post some merely for sharing information.

Such efforts make people feel they are cared for and you don’t just want to squeeze money out of them!

Be reachable

There is probably no better way to learn branding yourself online. Post regularly on your page and make sure you reply to comments. The extra hour you spend doing this will definitely have its benefits!


If you want more details on branding yourself online or increasing online sales for an affiliate marketing blog, feel free to write to me or join my free bootcamp training!


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