How to Build Email List to Double Your Subscribers!

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Build Email ListThe great thing about the internet marketing niche is that is it packed with constant innovations and ideas, and you will never run out of tools to use or things to inform your readers about. Many internet marketers now use the internet marketing news to attract more subscribers to their email lists and to keep them interested and updated.

Many, however, struggle when it comes to work to build email list. This is because while you may have great content to share with your readers, it might be difficult to bring in readers in the first place! Because of the thousands of spam blogs that now litter the internet, most internet users have learnt to ignore anything and everything related to subscribing. They know that a website may build email list and then merely send them elaborate ads related to things they don’t need.

How, then, do you manage to build email list of loyal subscribers? Here are a few tip I have put down after having tried out several list building strategies!

Post interesting content

It goes without saying but remember that if you want to build email list successfully, your content must reflect your knowledge about your niche and let the readers know that you have more in store. Think of an article with barely any useful information and only links and ads packed in it. Would you subscribe to the blog?

Link blogposts

Many people forget to make perfect use of the Postscript part of an article when trying to build email list through article marketing. If you are wondering how to get more subscribers, you must make sure that you get the most out of the P.S. area. Several times, you will find links packed into this area with little or no reference to the article. Remember that the transition from your article to your P.S box must be smooth as well as relevant. It is one of the best list building strategies since it makes sure your article content is not going to waste.

Use social media

While this may not be a miraculous solution to build email list, it certainly can bring in some email subscribers if you have a lot of Facebook followers. Remember that there will be certain people on your Facebook who will want more detailed information. For them, post links to your website or blog. You can also create a Facebook app to build email list and make it convenient for people to sign up. All they have to do it click on the ‘Subscribe’ button.

While many do not know this, you can also build email list through Twitter. If you are wondering how to get more subscribers from your Twitter page, one of the best list building strategies is to use Twitter lead generation cards. From your Twitter page, you can create a card with basic information about list building with a clickable ‘Subscribe’ option. This can be posted to your newsfeed free of cost and works like an ad. Go to your Twitter homepage > Twitter Ads > Creatives > Cards.

Convenient sign-up

In order to build email list, you also have to make sure that people do not have to go through a lot of hassle to subscribe. A great option can be a slide-up box on the side of your page. You can also use pop-ups. However, I personally think slide-up boxes are a lot less invasive and look more convenient.


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