Can You Sell Affiliate Products At High Prices?

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Many people who come to me are skeptical about whether they will be able to sell affiliate products that are, they believe, highly priced. They believe it is really difficult to make people trust them and buy these products, and that cheaper products will be easier to sell.

Yet, when they sell affiliate products at low prices, they seem unsatisfied with the profits.


So what do you do?

I decided to write today about the possibility of making high profits with affiliate marketing.

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Can you sell affiliate products at high prices?

Here is the simple answer: YES YOU CAN sell affiliate products that are expensive.

But here is the catch: you need to know exactly what you need to do to be able to make people spend a lot on buying products online through your blog or website. Remember that people do have money to spend on products; all they need is someone to trust!

And here is how you build this trust.

Credibility and personality

People see products on the internet all the time. Most are reluctant in buying them because they never know if spending the money will actually be worthwhile. To figure out how to sell expensive items, you must build your internet personality first.

How do you go on about this? Write about yourself. Get experience and showcase it. Share your past successes. Write about the subject matter so people know you know what you are selling.

When you sell affiliate products, make sure you are an expert on them. When you sell something from a niche that people know you are knowledgeable about, they will buy from you!

When you are credible, you can even sell affiliate products that are very high-priced. (Read: Go for a high-ticket affiliate program)

Add testimonials where you sell affiliate products

When you sell affiliate products, add a section for comments on your blog or website. Every product that you have sold, let it be reviewed.

Naturally, more than your word, people will want to believe similar customers like them. Therefore, make them see these testimonials and trust that you are not a scam.

Keyword and SEO planning

If you are trying to figure out how to sell expensive products, you also have to plan your keywords and SEO accordingly.

For example, if you are selling a product that is very expensive but the keywords leading to your website say ‘buy cheap products online’, this is futile.

Why? Because such keywords might lead people to your site but these are not the people who want to buy such products. So make sure you target the right people according to your product prices and their scope of affordability.

Call to action

People want someone who knows what he or she is doing. And in order to sell to these people, you need to show them the specific pathway to follow.

For example, when talking about a certain product that you want to sell, you can talk about the general niche and benefits. But you also need to motivate people subconsciously to buy it and then make this buying easier for them.

How do you do this? When you sell affiliate products, make sure you have clear options like ‘more information’, ‘buy this product’, ‘read reviews’, etc. These are things that help people take action easily.

Trust me.. people change their minds very fast! So make sure your website is not confusing or unclear.

Stay available

When you sell affiliate products, the key to understand how to sell expensive items is to stay in touch with people.

Think of websites where you can never find contact information, and blogs where your comments are never replied to. Would you trust buying from such people? I won’t!

Therefore, even before you make sales, always answer people’s queries and be available on multiple forums. It will help them trust you and know that even if there is a problem after buying, you will be there to sort it out!


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