Can’t Find the Best Internet Marketing Mentor? Here’s What to Do!

Every new internet marketer knows the struggle of finding a good internet marketing mentor. I recently wrote on my Facebook page about my own struggle of finding a coach and all the money and time (AND motivation) it cost me.

So if you have just set out to find an internet marketing guru or have been disappointed by many and are on the verge of giving up… hang on! It is not impossible. Here are my tips on how to achieve this seemingly impossible feat:

Finding the best internet marketing mentor

If you are reading this, I am making the assumption that you have already decided to hire internet marketing consulting and are willing to pay in order to learn. This is the first step to learning, since many people come into the industry thinking they know best, when they really don’t! Acknowledging the fact that you need help and guidance and are willing to invest yourself into learning is a great starting point, so let us get down to business.

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Find an internet marketing mentor who is:

  1. Successful – This means they must be successful both in your view and in the market. Think about it. What is your idea of a successful entrepreneur? For me, it is not someone who shows off all the money they make but someone who is devoted to helping others, is honest to what they do and, most importantly, seems HAPPY with what they do. And then go for them!
  2. Suitable for your goals – Not every internet marketing mentor is going to be working towards the goals that you support. For example, there are gurus out there who focus only on introducing their ‘secret’ marketing techniques. On the other hand, there are those who want to equip you with general knowledge of the marketing. Then there are those who will analyze your business for you and see what you need. Make sure you go for someone who is giving what you need.
  3. Teaching what you need – To find yourself the best internet marketing consulting, you also need to know for sure what you want. Are you looking for mentoring on sales? Conversion? Growth? Money-making? Managing a team? General motivation? Different coaches specialize in certain areas and you may be able to look for them if you are sure of your requirements.

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Additional tips for the best internet marketing guru

When you are out there looking for someone to support you in your journey, there are several other things that you can keep in mind. These will help you track down an internet marketing mentor who does not only want to make money from you but genuinely CARES about your business and your progress – And YES, there ARE people like that out there; my mentor was one and I am aiming to be one, so I can tell you for sure that I am not making you dream impossible dreams… just showing you how to and what to look for!

Look for someone who:

  1. Provides FREE services – There are people out there who offer blogging and video marketing services for free – like I do. Many people see this as a hoax, but let me show you what the purpose is. We do this in order to attract and help people who genuinely need this information and will benefit from it. Helping them out with honest intentions and concerns means building a team of loyal customers, who will then be there when we want to make sales. It is all about building trust for a relationship that will benefit everyone!
  2. Delivers – Go for someone who delivers before asking for money, or at least shows you some evidence. Don’t go for those who promise overnight money AFTER you buy their program.
  3. Stays available – A great marker of a good internet marketing mentor is that they will be there and won’t disappear on you, so look for people who will be willing and happy to answer your queries.

Keep this things in mind and you should be able to find your ideal internet marketing mentor! If you feel like I might be the person for you or if I can answer any further questions, feel free to write to me below! Cheers!


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