Expensive Marketing Mistakes – Are You Making Them?

Most of the times, our business plans fail and we don’t even realize why. We look back at the decisions we took and everything seems right. I talk to so many people who say, “Anisa, I did everything right. Why am I not making money then?”

The fact is that often, the marketing mistakes we are making are very hard to spot. Sometimes, with small business internet marketing, there are many marketing problems that you will face and you might think you are taking the right decision to tackle them. But just because something is COMMON doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT!

In my journey, I have faced many marketing problems and learnt – call it fortunate or unfortunate – through trial and error.

But you don’t have to! In this article, I share the most common marketing mistakes that might be bringing your business down. This is not only for those who are facing issues, but for every new internet marketer… because you might not even realize you are doing these things wrong!

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Most Common Marketing Mistakes

False promises

Often, you might not even realize that you are making false promises. I have seen so many businesses go down simply because they make marketing mistakes like posting alluring headlines and not being able to do justice to them. For example, if I post a tagline promising to make you $5000 in a month, it might look very fancy, and I might even be working very hard to make it possible. But at the end of the day, it might be be possible, and that means letting my customers down.

In small business internet marketing, you must be sure to only make promises that you know you can keep. This is because we are talking about building a loyal following here, not one-time customers. And this will only be possible if you are promising what you can deliver and then proving it by action and not just words!

Aggressive email campaigns

i always emphasize on the importance of email marketing and on making sure that you provide regular and valuable information to your subscribers. But you also need to make sure that you are overdoing this. With email marketing, it is very easy to get carried away. You make one sale from an email and you want to send another email the very next day. But DON’T!

To avoid such marketing mistakes, it is very important for you to make sure that you keep a track on the responses you are getting from emails. How many people are unsubscribing from you? How many are marking you as spam? How many are actually reading and responding?

If many people mark you as spam, chances are that this will cost you your following and will also lead to a poor reputation. For small business internet marketing, it is important to make sure that you first provide people with value before convincing them to buy from you. If you selfishly keep bombing them with emails, they are NOT going to trust you!

For email marketing, I have a simple two-point thumb rule:

  1. Provide value FIRST. Provide your followers with content that will be genuinely useful for them and that they can use to improve their business and, if possible, do this for FREE. Trust me, it will pay back. Show them the genuine care and help that you have to offer, and mean it!
  2. Market useful and GENUINE products to them. Once you do have a list of people who trust you, never betray them. Never send them an email about a product that does not actually work or will not benefit them. Remember that these are people who trust you and you must maintain their trust, so don’t sell them something just because your affiliate program pays you a lot for it. Many marketers make these marketing mistakes and lose loyal people because of this. Like I say, the relationship and the trust between you and your followers ALWAYS comes first!

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Confusing customers with inconsistent service

Many people have marketing problems in small business internet marketing because they don’t know how to stay consistent. They want to help people and they try, but they sometimes fall short of what they can provide. Whether it is because they get lazy or make too many marketing mistakes or simply lose the motivation to go on with their business, remember that this confuses your customer!

In such cases, customers don’t know whether or not to trust you. Some will have positive reviews about you and some will have negative ones, and this will go on to internet marketing forums and review sites. So make sure that you always provide a consistent service to all customers.

Often, when people start making money, they change. They stop caring about their customers and start treating them like crap! They earn their trust by being good and then make one of the biggest marketing mistakes and become selfish and egoistic. If you do this, remember that your customers will not stay. It takes years to build a successful business but it can take one second for it to come down, so be careful! And by this, I mean be humble, ALWAYS!

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Not knowing business problems other than marketing mistakes

Many people are very hardworking but they don’t know every aspect of their businesses. They might be aware of marketing mistakes and problems but they might not know how many people are visiting their site, how many people are preferring a certain offer or a product, technical glitches in their website, etc.

For this, I always recommend that you hire expert or at least get advice from them on how to run your site. Even if your small business internet marketing campaign is great, you won’t make sales if their are small glitches on your site, or if you don’t know which product is doing well and keep promoting the wrong ones. Stay consistent and stay coordinated throughout.

Marketing only to desktop users

Another of the most common marketing mistakes is avoiding mobile users. Remember that not everyone is going to access your site from a computer. In fact, most people now use their phones to browse the internet. So hire an expert and make sure that all the important content of your site – blogs, images, videos, ads – are properly visible and working on a mobile phone. It is always great to have a simpler mobile version of your site with all the necessary component.

Avoid these marketing mistakes and I assure you you will notice a smooth change in the way you run your business!

For further help and questions, always feel free to contact me on my internet marketing Facebook page. Good luck!





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