Common Mistakes in Advertising Techniques and Ad Placement 

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Blogs and websites that do not sell their own products or make money through their services usually rely on ad placement for their revenue. In fact, this is what is now driving most people to blogging. While you cannot begin making money off a blog immediately, you can work on it to make it popular, after which you can make use of advertising techniques to make money from it! While there are many types of advertising from ad banners to side panels, you need to make sure that these ad placements are helping your website and not steering it towards a downfall. Many people work on blogs for long periods of times, only to ruin them with poor advertising techniques and faulty ad placement.

Here are a few types of ad placements that you must avoid on your blog:

They should not block the content

When wondering ‘How do I find ads for my website?’, you first need to remember that none of these should demand to be on top of your content. Remember to only select advertising techniques that make ad placement a minor part of your site. When someone visits a website to find useful content and is blocked from seeing it before they see a full-screen ad, it can be rather annoying and can cause users to leave the site.

Keep the ‘first view’ clean

What I have learnt about ads for my website is that they should always be at the parts of your website that will be visited later. One of the best advertising techniques is to avoid any ads ‘above the fold’. This means that when a user first looks at your homepage, they should not see it clustered with ads. Keep the first view clean; the ads can come later when the user begins to browse your website.

Make them easy to avoid

One of the most popular advertising techniques for ad placement today is a pop up offering people to sign up/subscribe/like social media pages. This is great, but try to not make this appear on the entire page. I have always made sure that ads for my website do not become annoying. Also, whenever you decide to use pop ups as one of your advertising techniques, make sure it is easy to close them. We have all seen pop ups where it takes you forever to locate the tiny ‘x’ that will close the ad. Remember that not everyone will be patient enough to do that, and many will just leave your website immediately when they encounter such types of advertising.

Avoid auto-playing ads

This is probably one of the most annoying types of advertising techniques and one you definitely want to avoid, like I do when deciding on ads for my website. You know that annoying outburst of sudden sound you are met with when you visit a website, and it takes you a while to locate the source of the sound? These are a nuisance and no web user wants to be forced to listen to ads. These almost always lead to people exiting the site, since they cannot browse with an ad playing in the background and closing it repeatedly can be very annoying.

Avoid deceptive advertising techniques

There are countless websites that disguise ads as normal content in order to increase their earnings from Pay Per Click ads. There are links that take you to full-page ads instead of what they promised. Remember that deceptive types of advertising techniques will never lead a good impression, and will only work once. Not to mention, these provide zero value to the user. Remember to make sure that your ad placement is always useful and honest!

Are there any more types of advertising techniques you would like to share, or any ad placement questions you have? You can write to me below for any advice on internet marketing!

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