Content Marketing Ideas – How to Stay Consistent

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I previously wrote an article on general content marketing tips that beginner entrepreneurs can use. There is no denying that content marketing works, but there is also no denying that it has to be done right in order to get you anywhere.

If you have already started a blog and have decided to provide quality content to your followers, you are on the right path. Providing value is the greatest way to earn trust and eventually make sales, even if it takes a lot of time.

However, many of my followers often face problems with content marketing ideas. Initially, they are all very excited about the prospect of providing good content to their followers. Gradually, however, they start running out of content marketing ideas.

This is where the real problem kicks in. Consistently producing content without overlapping can be extremely difficult, especially if you are targeting one niche, which you most probably are.

What is content marketing strategy?

I have seen so many beginners confused with these huge terms in internet marketing. ‘What is content marketing strategy?’ they ask me. I tell them that it is the method that you are using to promote your content, and this can be anything.

However, like most things in internet marketing, this comes across as something too simplified! Most people complicate it too much, and think that they must follow certain rules. They even look for specific things like templates to understand what is content marketing strategy.

I personally believe that no one can write your content marketing strategy better than you, because you are the one who is best acquainted with your content marketing ideas! This strategy basically covers your goals, your aims, your audience and the story of your brand. And who can write than better than yourself?!

While you may use templates to help you with the content marketing ideas that you want to write in your strategy, I would still suggest to keep it personal and innovative, so people can connect with you and don’t see it as a mere marketing stunt with lines and words that are so commonly seen in advertisements. Don’t write your business is ‘unique’. It most probably is not. But tell them about how you are unique and how you can help them using that!

Content Marketing Ideas

Now, let us talk about how to produce consistent content. Remember that this is extremely important! You might have some great content marketing ideas at first, but just because you lag behind later, you might lose all that productivity you came up with.

So even if you are running out of ideas, stay patient and consistent and wait for the results.

Free association brain storming

Sit down and give yourself half an hour, or another set time period. Whether on a paper or on your computer, immediately begin jotting down ideas that you can think of. You can also use a Google search during this, but remember, you only have 30 minutes! The trick here is that no idea has to be absolutely amazing. You just have to put down everything; that is the point!

At the end of half an hour, you might have put down over 25 or even more topics and content marketing ideas. All of these might not be great, but you can now easily filter them down and improve on the rest!

I particularly recommend this strategy for generating content marketing ideas, because we often complicate things too much. We waste so much time in research and then come up with merely on idea.

The best way to come up with the best content marketing ideas is to just go easy with it, and consider everything that comes to mind. Trust me, many of the ideas that you reject might actually be the better ones!

This is like creating a piggy-bank of ideas. In the future, even if you run out, you will have a long list to fall back on!

Find your ideal regularity

This is extremely important. Of course, being regular is a given. But this often gets lost in the hundreds of content marketing ideas that we have. When I initially got lost with this, I decided to create  a rhythm for myself and stick it.

So, maybe you can find out what works best for you. For example, you could decide on 2 weekly blogposts, 5 weekly social media posts, 1 monthly in-depth article, 1 quarterly contest, etc. It is all about what suits you, but then stick to your plan!

Produce ahead of time – Your Comfort Zone!

So you might be very confident that you can stick to your plan and rhythm. But take it from me: You never know! It could be an important event or plain lethargy holding you back, so for best organization, decide on a comfort zone. For example, decide on producing 2 weeks ahead of time. This means that if you stop producing content at any point in time, you should still be good to go for two weeks. All your content marketing ideas should already be there for the next two weeks, with all the content ready to be published.

Trust me, this works great. With WordPress blogs, you can make it work simply be scheduling posts. A similar solution could be worked out for social media.

Intensify your plan sometimes

You know how there are times when you feel to lethargic, but then there are others when you have so many content marketing ideas and you want to produce more? Initially, I used to let this feeling go with, thinking, ‘I’m done with my work for today’. But hey, why not?!

If you feel like you have more content marketing ideas and more energy, jump into it! Your readers will absolutely love a great unexpected post. This does not only keep them engaged but also deliver your dedication.

You can also alternatively use these intense period to jot down as many ideas as you can, like I previously mentioned.

Entrepreneurs really are humans, after all. We mess up with organization and on some days we don’t feel like working. But here is the catch: we plan for these days so we always have something to fall back on!

So if you are some0ne who always has trouble coming up with immediate content marketing ideas and care rarely organize yourself, these tips should work great for you!


If you would like to talk more about organization tips to be able to produce more content marketing ideas, you can write to me here or on my Facebook page. Meanwhile, don’t stress out and take it easy; you will eventually succeed!

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