Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

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content marketingContent marketing is a term that most of us are now familiar with. It has influenced the global market in endless ways and is a major part of website marketing. We experience many examples of it every day. However, experiencing and actually doing it are very different things. Here are some content marketing tips for those of you who have just been introduced to the field and wish to succeed.


What’s my niche?

Content marketing is all about knowing anything and everything  about  your niche. Your content should reflect on how much you identify with your product. Even if you are working for another business, your knowledge should make you the go to person in the market. This is possible if you follow a certain set of tips and tricks to achieve your target and get successful returns from website marketing.

Planning and Strategizing:

No one just wakes up one day planning to sell a product and succeeds.  It takes a lot of premeditation.  Research is extremely vital. Know your market. Find out all you can about your product, the competition you’ll be getting and how well things have done in the past. Now this part can be lengthy and boring but it will give you a clear view of what you intend to do. Basically, all the stray thoughts and ideas in your head will now have a meaning. Content marketing is all about funneling your thoughts, ideas and knowledge into a definite set of actions that you will be performing.

Where and How to strike:

In content marketing, it is extremely essential for you to know your target audience. Get into the heads of your customers and produce content that will be appealing to them according to their ages, genders, locations and time zones. This can be done by studying feedbacks, asking questions and creating a huge circle of your followers who will give you first-hand information regarding your product and their views. In website marketing, be involved in conversations in the comments sections. This involvement ensures that your customer will come back to you.

Diversifying your content:

We all know that seeing comes before wanting so text might not be the only way to persuade people to see your work and like it enough for it to end in a sale. So add pictures, make videos. Brevity is better when it comes to videos. Do everything in more than one way. This will help you know what works better for your desired customer circle which is essential to succeed in content marketing.

Use of Technology:

Diversifying content, studying your market and knowing how well you are doing requires the use of technology. The internet is full of applications that help you track your progress. Also, the content itself can be made interesting by the use of such tools. One important tip in website marketing is that you make sure all your work is compatible with cell phones.

 What’s trending:

Social media has influenced content marketing to a great extent. It helps you know what your audience wants. So be very active on social media and use it to promote your content as much as you can.


Content marketing is all about being consistent. You can’t just alternate between being very active and then totally disappearing from the scene. So keep posting content and know when to use older content to target a fresh set of audience. Repurposing and follower building are important content marketing tips for those of you who are in it for the long haul.

Always Lead to Yourself:

Although it is useful to use social media and other websites for promoting your content in website marketing, make sure it always back links to you. This is essential as it keeps your audience in your direct frame of reach and establishes you as a thought leader.

Now be ambitious yet patient and get started. If you want further help, you can find out about professional coaching from me HERE. Good luck!






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