How to Earn by Blogging – 5 Don’ts

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earn by bloggingWe have previously talked in detail about how to earn by blogging and affiliate marketing, provided that you have the right marketing tips and strategies to help you along the way. Today, however, I am going to provide you with a few tips I have learned along the way to make sure that your blog is optimized for marketing. Remember that you will only be able to earn by blogging if your blogging techniques allow you to do so, and trust me there are a lot that don’t! If you really want to make money online, following are some blogging mistakes I would suggest for learning how to earn more.

Don’t opt for keyword stuffing

Throughout my writing, I have been repeating how important it is to provide value to your readers through your content. Yes, you need to optimize your content with keywords in order to attract readers. However, you also need to make it a good read if you want to earn by blogging. Remember that people are not going to read on if they feel that you have simply stuffed keywords in a pile of fluff and topped it off with your affiliate links. If you want to really make money online, provide them with an honest effort to help them and they will reciprocate!

Don’t plagiarize, even with pictures

Yes, running your posts through a plagiarism checkers before posting them is a must. However, it is surprising how many people don’t care about that. Apart from poor search engine reputation, remember that if someone is searching for something, they will also have visited other sites. If you copy and paste reviews, they are not going to help you build a reputation with your readers and therefore make it impossible to earn by blogging. If you want to earn more, make sure there is not plagiarism, even accidental. This also goes for photos. Remember to not use anything that is protected with copyrights.

Don’t focus too much on design

Yes, an appealing design for a blog can help you earn more when you market products through it. This is because people will tend to be attracted if your design is appealing, and will stay on your blog for longer, thus more likely to discover your affiliate products. However, remember that content trumps looks. Even if you cannot invest in expensive designs, you will be able to earn by blogging if you have a simple and minimalistic design but great content.

Don’t push your readers

Remember that people want value from what they are reading. If you are merely trying to get them to click a link, this is not going to work because modern web users are not robots. They are going to spot cheap marketing tactics and figure out you only want to earn by blogging and not benefit them at all. Therefore, make sure you avoid too many pop-ups, page-blocking ads and a nagging tone. If you really want to make money online, it must be through the provision of honest quality.

Don’t be unavailable

Remember this when you are trying to earn by blogging: people are putting their trust in you. If you want them to buy from you, a great way to make it easier for you is to reflect your blog’s authenticity clearly. Remember that consumer trust and loyalty is the key if you want to know how to earn more and really make money online. Therefore, remember to add your basic contact information to your site and respond to all comments to let people know that you are actually making an effort and not just posting advertisements.

I hope you got value from this post and if you liked it I would appreciate if you share it on social media and comment below and let me know what you think.

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