How to Find the Best SEO consultant

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best seo consultant Every person who has just started a new business knows how hectic it can be to manage the immense workload that comes with it. Add to that the stress of not being able to reach out to your target market and it seems like the end of the world. That’s where SEO services come to the rescue. But there’s so many of them.  How can you then make sure that you find the best SEO consultant for your business? Well here’s the checklist that I personally used when hiring SEO experts and got experiences worth my money.

Track record

For starters, this rules out the newbies and spammers. Secondly, you will know what to expect from the person you hire. The best SEO consultants will have a great list of client experiences to flaunt and will share with you a lot of information. Don’t be shy with questions and a little digging into your SEO expert’s past ventures and how well they did. SEO expert blogs will give you most of the information you need regarding your soon to be employee and you can also talk to the past and current clients in detail there.


The best SEO consultants will have a clear cut strategy regarding their course of action. Make sure your SEO expert gives you a clear picture of how he/she plans to optimize your site. Transparency is key when it comes to the best SEO experts. You can talk to them about this directly or find information on SEO expert blogs.

Work ethics

Do you want to fall prey to the tricks-loving scammers who use illegitimate ways to increase SEO to sites? No. Make sure your SEO expert is honest to the task and doesn’t use ways that have been blacklisted by google and other major search engines. Not only will your association with such people harm you personally but it will also endanger the future of your business. The best SEO consultants are well aware of google policies regarding webmasters.

False claims

You will find countless SEO consultants who will promise you extraordinary SEO for your site in no time. Beware of such spammers who are only after your cash and will do you more harm than good. The best SEO consultants give you a realistic picture of your future and talk about all kinds of possible results clearly and openly. They also have a complete grasp of analytics and will show you your progress in the form of real time data.


The best SEO consultants invest great time and energy in understanding the dynamics of your business. If an SEO service provider wants to work with you just doesn’t seem to want to know about your business, don’t choose him/her. An intimate knowledge of your business is necessary for the person managing your SEO otherwise he/she can make fatal mistakes especially in terms of target keywords.


This is an extremely important area to consider when it comes to finding the best SEO consultant to work with. Choose an expert who is patient, friendly, and communicative and likes to keep clients updated regarding progress. The best SEO experts have average workload which enables them to give appropriate time to every client and address their grievances as soon as possible.


If you are looking for the best SEO consultant and have ticked all the above qualities, then be ready to spend some good money. However, also make sure that you discuss payment amounts, ways, timing and contract length and termination in detail with your SEO expert before hiring. Finally, also make sure you look up SEO expert blogs and read comments from their past customers, so as to make the best choice.


Well, you can add more perquisites according to your own requirements but make sure these basics are covered. Hope you find the best SEO consultant for your site. Best of luck!






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