Generate Leads With these Internet Marketing Tips

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Even if you own a business that is small, your website is one of your most major tools. Whether you just started a business or a blog as an affiliate, your primary aim has to be to generate leads so that you will make more sales through your website.

Of course, you can go for expensive advertisement campaigns. However, this is usually not possible for small business owners who are new to internet marketing, and want simple and low-cost methods as to how to increase sales online.

As an online marketing mentor, there are a number of things I have learn about increasing sales. Here are my top tips on how you can generate leads for your website or blog:

Identify patterns of website usage to generate leads

Even if you are not getting a lot of traffic at the moment, you can actually learn how to increase sales online just by tracking the activity of the few visitors that you do have on your blog. What are the items that they click on the most? What are the pages that get the most reviews? What are the posts that users spend the most time on? Looking at these statistics can often give you an idea of which page you should be improving and which page should you be modeling after.

Another extremely important tool to generate leads – and one that people often forget – is your search bar. Make sure that your website is coded in a way that you know what people are searching for on your website. This can be an absolutely amazing way of knowing what they are looking for, and then making your internet marketing strategy accordingly to further generate leads!

Provide live support to generate leads

Live support is a great trust builder. Often, when people visit your website, they might have questions but they might leave because they can’t be bothered to spend too much time looking for answers. In such a case, live support can be a good encouraging factor.

If you do not want to incorporate this, you can also learn how to increase sales online just by offering good quality support. When you promise you will get back to them within 2 hours, get back to them within 2 hours!

Use pop-up offers, but in moderation

Pop-up offers can often stop leaving visitors. This can be ideal for posts that aim at making sales. When you generate leads that lead to a sales page, but people seem to be leaving it, add a pop-up offer at the page. It can compel them to stay!

However, one thing I have learned as an online marketing mentor about how to generate leads is to NEVER badger people. Don’t repeatedly block their exit with pop-ups or they will never visit again!

Trust signals

Add as many trust signals as you can to your site and to your social media pages, as these are what will help you generate leads. Add testimonials, reviews, contact details, money-back guarantees… anything you think will increase trust!

Add an introductory video

To learn how to increase sales online and to generate leads, you must first learn to provide adequate information to people, and this can be done with an introductory video! Make sure you choose a catchy title so people will watch it. However, as an online marketing mentor, I can tell you never to use loud, auto-playing videos, videos that are too long or videos that don’t show when they will end. Keep it short, concise and interesting!

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If you are wondering how to generate leads and how to increase sales online, trust me, there are countless ways. If you would like to discuss this more or find out more details, sign up for my FREE training or write to me today!

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