How Do I Get More Blog Traffic?

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I haven’t been posting on the blog for a while because of how busy I got, but we are now back in full swing! And now that I am back, I decided to write about what I am working on right now, and what I believe nearly all of my followers worry about all the time: how to get more traffic!

We all know it’s the ultimate goal. We write a blogpost or write a Facebook update, and check back every ten minutes to see how many people it got across to. Every time we hit a number higher than the last, we want to celebrate that very instant! Because that eventually is our goal here: getting more traffic, and making sure that most of those people are convinced by what we are writing and trust us enough to buy from us.

So how do you get more blog traffic? I am writing about this particularly because the traffic on my website and my social media pages has recently multiplied amazingly, and I can’t wait to share the tips with you guys! We all know there is a lot of hard work that goes into making sure you get more blog traffic, and it is a collective effort in general. But there is one major tip I have for anyone trying to achieve this. For everyone trying to get more blog traffic, here is the main all-encompassing technique I use to do this myself!!

Get More Blog Traffic

Diversify your sources!

Want to get more blog traffic? Get it from different sources! I often tell you to focus on one thing, but it is a great idea to implement that one thing on different platforms. For example, if you are trying to make sales, don’t just advertise on your website. Inject your heart and soul into it and advertise on your Facebook page, your Twitter profile, your YouTube channel and anything else you might use. Get as much traffic from these different sources as possible.

Optimize, optimize, optimize

That is probably the best way to get more blog traffic. And trust me, it is not just about the keywords. Sure, you will get more traffic when you hit the right keywords, but optimizing your content is also very important to make people stay on your site. For example, if you have a clean webpage with clear information and useful content, this optimized content will automatically get more blog traffic. People will read this, like it, share it, comment on it and automatically make it have a higher reach!

Use visual aids

To get more blog traffic, this works as the best. I personally love to write motivational paragraphs, but I also want to make sure that I provide people with catchy visual aid, whether in the form of pictures or videos, so that they will actually want to click on it. We all wonder how to get more traffic through content, and often forget visual content. Trust me, it will always have more success than any other type of content, especially if you are trying to get more blog traffic through social media.

Always have something to fall back on

This is the key here. All in all, what I am talking about is going all in, injecting your heart into your passion and doing as much as you can through as many sources as you want. For example, I personally love making videos in order to get more blog traffic and would love to keep doing that only. Yet, I manage a social media page, write a blog, manage a website and do a lot more, because that is how you go viral and that is how you eventually get more blog traffic. It is all about making sure you are diverse, and making your presence known everywhere!!


If you would like to read more on how to get more blog traffic, you can read these tips on blog traffic and blog marketing to get more traffic. Feel free to contact me for more help!

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