Go for a High Ticket Affiliate Program!

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I know the title of this blogpost is quite daunting… You are probably thinking, ‘High ticket affiliate program?! No way!!’ And trust me, I get it. I have been there. I was scared too. But I’m going to show you exactly how I now make money with a high ticket affiliate program. Yes, it was difficult, but it is completely and wholly possible and that too not in too much time. So for those who wonder if affiliate marketing can be a full-time job, yes it can be and here is how!

So, first of all, for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, I am talking about the sort of online affiliate program that pays a lot. (For beginners, I suggest first reading my article on common affiliate marketing mistakes. It requires you to make an investment and work like crazy, yes, but the percentage of commissions is insane, and that too on expensive products!

Now you are probably thinking, ‘Why would someone buy such expensive products?’

I’ll tell you why. Because they can!! There are so many out there who can afford the expensive and useful products online but they don’t… Why? Because of lack of trust. They don’t want to spend like crazy on something that might no pay odd and they don’t have enough testimonials. So what they basically need is someone trustworthy to recommend such products that will actually help them, and this recommending person is who you have to become!

Let me tell you why you need a high ticket affiliate program. Let’s say you sell a $50 product and get 25% as commissions. Great. You will have to send at least 100 units of this product to make around $1200.
Now let’s look at a high ticket affiliate program. You are supposed to sell a product that is $1000, and pays you $25 in commission. you only have to sell 5 of these to get to the $1200! Isn’t that great?!

Yes, I know, you are thinking it will be difficult to get people to buy such a product, but I’ve done it so trust me when I say it is possible. Let me tell you briefly how this can be done.

How to make a high ticket affiliate program work

Provide value like your life depends on it!

Value, value, value. You need it to bring a great relationship with your readers. So be selfless and help them out as much as you can. Sounds difficult I know, but it pays off! The goal is to overwhelm people with value. And this is not just a money-making strategy… these are things that will actually help these people! SO genuinely offer them all the help you can.

Create a sales funnel

This means that create a model that will help you make money even when you are not constantly working. For me, it is my Crush It video training series. People can read my blogs at all times and subscribe to my videos. So they are getting value from me without me promoting any online affiliate program at this point. And once they are satisfied with me, I can introduce them to my high ticket affiliate program.


How is this going to help you?

It is going to get you a bunch of people who trust you. This means that like you helped them, you can now help them products from your high ticket affiliate program. However, the trick here is to make sure that you are still genuinely helping them and not just trying to sell products that will not help them. Give them stuff that they will need, and will thank you for. Make sure you know the value of the money they are paying!

So yes, a high ticket affiliate program can definitely work. The key is to make sure that you are working in the best interests of not only yourself but also others. In fact, this works for any online affiliate program you are working with. Stay honest, stay hardworking and succeed!! Best of luck!


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