How Can a Video Marketing Strategy Help You?

Video market has recently become a huge thing. While it was previously used by professionals to create marketing videos, many young entrepreneurs are now making a video marketing strategy and using engaging visual content to drive traffic and earn money. You see all these everyday tutorials on YouTube? They are so catchy and fun and, at the same time, they are earning their makers tons of money!

So what really is their video marketing strategy? How do they make sure your internet video marketing plan succeeds and people actually watch AND like videos? This blogpost is meant for all of those who are wondering whether or not they need video marketing training or if they need visual content on their website in the first place. Let me explain this to you!

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Why make a video marketing strategy?

Why? Can’t you just stick to written content? Well, there are a number of reasons why not. For example, we all know at least one person who would want to watch a video instead of reading a large block of text. To reach out to such people, and internet video marketing strategy can be very useful. Here are a few other reasons why you might want to opt for video marketing training:

It lets you create an emotional connection

Some people may argue that it is difficult to establish a connection over writing. Of course, writers would disagree, but not all of us are great writers! Many new internet marketers may prefer to make videos instead of writing. Also, when people SEE you talking and trying to help them, they will automatically feel closer to you, than if you are writing from behind a computer screen and they can’t see you. In a business where everything boils down to mutual support, a video marketing strategy can really help pick things up.

A good video marketing strategy is good branding

I always talk about branding YOURSELF and not your business (Read my detailed blogpost on this, Branding Yourself to Increase Sales). When you are making videos, your video marketing strategy automatically ensures this! People will associate your business with your face and will become familiarized with it.

It allows repurposing and reusing

I always talk about using and reusing content, and internet video marketing makes this a lot easier. For example, you could turn a video into several written blogposts for those who prefer to read. You could also use clips from your videos for other social media platforms like Instagram. Or simple turn them into advertisements when you need to!

It enables longer engagement

Research has shown that a video marketing strategy means people engage with you for longer and are therefore more likely to trust you. Usually, people skim through websites and blogposts, but they are likely to watch videos till the end.

People are more likely to respond

You will always see that the comments section on Youtube channels is very interactive, because people are more likely to engage with someone they have seen and connected with than someone anonymous writing a blogpost.

Embedded videos allow for diversity

Again, you could reuse your video marketing strategy in social media marketing by sharing your own videos online. This will automatically create a flow of traffic between different platforms, allowing for greater engagement.


So if you have made the decision to create a video marketing strategy, you can further read on my Video Marketing Tips and Tricks for Beginners to start on your plan of action! Good luck, and write to my on my website or on my Facebook page whenever you need me!




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