How to Blog Effectively to Maximize Results

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I write about blogging very often, and yet, I have people coming to me with questions. It is not surprising, because how you blog really does decide whether or not your business will succeed. This is especially true for affiliate marketers, who really need to know how to blog effectively in order to gain any following at all.

Previously, I wrote an article about how to make money by blogging and blog marketing tips. These are great because they help your blog pick up traffic and help you make money.

However, the problem is, many people forget that there are other things to be focused on. You cannot just keep thinking about making money; you also have to focus on value and on how to blog effectively so that you are doing the best for your readers.

I think knowing how to blog effectively has a lot to do with your general attitude on the blog, and not the writing itself. There are many people who are not professional writers – including myself – but their blogs are great because of the attitude they have and the service they provide, and their readers love it!

I decided to write this post to inform you of some obscure tips on how to blog effectively. These are things that we often forget, and might not immediately recognize as problems. However, I assure you that these can immediately transform your blog from a dull one to an extremely likable one!

How to Blog Effectively

See why you have haters

This is extremely strategic. Often, people keep trying to please their haters and still cannot figure out how to blog effectively. This happens because not all haters offer constructive criticism… some of them hate you just for the sake of it!

My tip? Observe your haters’ complaints and see what is common in them. Then look at your own blogging practices. If there is an issue that is appearing repeatedly, look into it and fix it.

However, remember not to try to keep pleasing everyone, because some people are just negative and will not provide any value to you.

Brand yourself

To learn how to blog effectively for affiliate marketing, you need to learn how to brand yourself. This is a business where you don’t just have one product to sell, so you can’t just advertise it. Instead, you have to advertise yourself! And this is the crux of affiliate marketing because a trustworthy person is what people need. When they start knowing you, they will start buying from you!

Trust me, the chances from buying from a real person are a lot more than buying from an anonymous blog writer.

Don’t do too much at once

I learnt how to blog effectively the hard way; initially, I tried to do everything that I could and failed, until I arrived at one niche: internet marketing. And trust me, it is the best decision I have made. I can research on and learn and teach about this one niche, and have become an expert on it now. Had I been focusing on too many niches, I might have lost track.

Provide solutions

Often, you need to interact with your readers, or look into their activity on your blog to see what they need. For example, you can go through the searches that have been made on you blog and see what search shows up the most number of times. You can also look at the search engine keywords that bring people to your site. Looking at these stats will help you provide solutions for people’s problems, which means that you re providing value and building trust.


Learning how to blog effectively is not an easy job. It is something that comes with experience, but why not learn from someone else’s experience when you can?! I hope these tips helped you out, and if you would like more, please feel free to write to me below! Good luck!


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