How to Get More Blog Traffic

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blog trafficI bet a lot of my readers out there are amazing writers with great and inspirational ideas to share with the world. The beauty of blogging lies in the spirit of sharing amazing and authentic content with like-minded individuals and creating a healthy community. However, as we all know, reaching a desired amount of target audience can be a tricky business. If you are struggling to get blog traffic, don’t worry. I have been where you are. This is why I decided to write this article to specifically focus on how to get more blog traffic.

Get More Blog Traffic

SEO for your blog

While most bloggers focus on what to write on their blog and how to make money blogging, they tend to ignore the most important way to get more blog traffic i.e. SEO for the blog. Don’t be one of them make sure your blog is submitted on all search engines. You would not believe the amount of traffic blogs get through search engines.

Share with those who share

Well, this is as simple as it sounds. Some people are especially enthusiastic when it comes to sharing content on the internet. To get more blog traffic, target these people and they will do the trick for you without much hassle or effort on your part. Affiliate marketing blogs may also help you in this endeavor.

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Less competitive and long tailed keywords are the way to go if you are working in an extremely popular niche. This is the part where I need you to put a lot of research and effort in order to ensure you find the most optimum keywords and incorporate them into your content. I know it can be a little time consuming but it’s totally worth every second as it can greatly channelize more traffic to your blog.

Guest blogging

If you are a newbie, I say there is certainly no harm in exploiting the popularity of others to get noticed in your niche. You can easily get more blog traffic by writing guest posts for famous blogs or making famous bloggers write a guest post for your blog. Either way, their popularity can potentially drive a lot more traffic to your blog. Some affiliate marketing blogs charge very less money for placing ads. You can also get an ad placed at some of these blogs.

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The magic of commenting

Now here’s something most of you may not know but if you focus on it, you can totally get more blog traffic. Interactions in the comments sections of various blogs not only help you guide audiences to your own blog but also establish you as an experienced blogger in the market. This means you get more recognition and eventually more blog traffic. Affiliate marketing blogs allow more interaction so don’t forget to be active on those. Most people who make money blogging are active communicators on the internet.

Events and Contests

People love events and contests. Create one or both of these occasionally and see your blog traffic jump like never before. These are in fact one of the many ways you can go viral and also make money blogging if done the right way.


Last but not the least is my golden rule as a blogger. Never ever stop creating content. Track your progress and even if it’s disheartening in the beginning, don’t give up. All successful blogs that make money are also consistent and up to date. Even if you can’t create new content all the time, you can post an updated version of old relevant content and get more blog traffic. Way to go guys!

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