How to Increase Blog Views

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If you are struggling with getting people to visit your blog, I can tell you that I’ve been there. Often, you struggle so much to post useful content on your blog which you know is good enough to sell, but people just can’t seem to reach your blog. While SEO does have a role to play in this, over time I have realized that there are several other things that are going to tell you how to increase blog views.

While blogging to market affiliate products, one of the affiliate blog tips you need to remember is that blog views do not only refer to people who will reach your homepage. In fact, what you really need to focus on is providing value that will make people stay on your blog after they reach it. Remember that a large number of blog views is useless if people are not really staying or reading, since that means they eventually are not buying from you.

I cannot stress this enough: a few loyal readers and buyers can benefit you a lot more than a large number of people not really intending to buy.

So how to increase blog views?

Focus on customer success

Among affiliate blog tips, the best as to how to increase your blog views is to remember that your customers should be the most important part of your business. Yes, your motive is to sell, but you will only be able to increase your blog views and be able to sell if you show your customers that you really want to help them.

So whether it’s through modelling, entertainment or teaching, help your customers out and they will help you back!

Achieve cohesion

Another of the best affiliate blog tips to increase blog views is to develop a cohesive content culture. Imagine this:

You visit one blog that is marketing a lot of different affiliate products. One blog post is about a makeup product, the other about a weight loss plan, another about a tech product.

On the other hand, you visit a blog that focuses on makeup and fashion items and is marketing similar affiliate products.

Which one will you be more likely to trust? I personally know I will associate expertise and trust with the second one. Therefore, to increase blog views, you need to make sure that there is a certain culture formed by the content you are posting. Scattered content is a lot more likely to decrease your blog views and sales, even if the affiliate products seem to have higher commision.

Personalize it

When I initially started blogging and conducting keyword research, I simply began writing about popular topics after research from the internet. I was, however, making a mistake.

Many affiliate blog tips will tell you to write about popular topics, and you might simply gather information from the internet and write it on your blog.

Your readers do NOT need this.

If they can already reach the same information on another website, what’s the point? To increase you own blog views, you need to make sure you provide personalized content and value. Narrate your experiences and share your mistakes. Your readers will learn a lot more from your personal knowledge than from content rewritten from the internet. Eventually, your blog views will increase!

Organize your content

Remember that your focus are customers, and your blog views can decrease massively if your content is not organized. Therefore, avoid large blocks of text. Add visual aid and videos and make the content visually appealing while still keeping it simple.


Remember that to increase your blog views, you have to avoid affiliate blog tips that focus just on making money. Provide honest value to your people and they will reciprocate it!

Does this information help you? Would you like me to write about something else? Simply write to me in the comments below or join my free bootcamp!

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