How to Increase Conversion Rate With Internet Marketing

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Among the people who come to me for advice, I have often noticed a common problem. Many newbies who are looking into internet marketing now, it so happens, are looking for more traffic on their website.

Sure, that exactly is the aim of internet marketing – getting more people to visit your site. And that is what my internet marketing guide is primarily going to tell you.

So how to increase conversion?

Where are you going wrong?

While you may be looking at the primary motive – traffic generation – ironically, most people forget about conversion. How to get more people to visit my site, they will ask me, forgetting all about how to increase conversion rate!

In simple words, conversion rate is the proportion of visitors to your site whom you successfully manage to convert into customers. Conversion, therefore, is ultimately the predictor of your success. Naturally, if you are getting a 1000 visitors a day and only 10 are buying from you, it clearly means that there is either something wrong with the type of traffic being directed or with the content of your website itself.

Today, therefore, I decided to write about the importance of focusing on quality and not numbers, and about how to increase conversion rate, which is also what my internet marketing guide primarily talks about.

How to increase conversion rate?

Now, I won’t be surprised if you think that this internet marketing guide is providing you with general information on how to increase conversion rate on your website. However, here is the catch: I have personally known these seemingly simple things to be effective, and believe it or not, these are what most newbies normally ignore or tend to forget.

Easy navigation. Remember, people do not have time and they want to get through to the information needed quickly. Therefore, to increase conversion rate, you must make sure that the navigation on your site is easy. Naturally, many visitors might leave immediately if they don’t understand how to move forward on the site, and there is absolutely no shortage of other easier sites giving the same information!

A professional impression. Everyone now knows that making a website is no big deal, and there are way too many people in the affiliate marketing industry. Many people, therefore, want to avoid beginners who cannot provide much information. Therefore, if you want to know how to increase conversion rate, simply give your website a professional look.

Make sure there is a clear motive stated, clear information about the company and a clear call for action.

Add proof. When people ask me for an internet marketing guide on how to increase conversion rate, I tell them the easiest way is to show people your credentials! Naturally, if they have not heard of you before, they would want to make sure you are authentic. Therefore, ask some of your satisfied customers or even past employees or co-workers to write testimonials for you and publish these on your site.

Bonus tip: Getting good testimonials on your social media pages will be a lot more helpful as well, since seeing real people write comments has a greater impact.

Show them what you are offering. Remember: your message must to clear if you want to figure out how to increase conversion rate! What is your best offer? Is it a product you are marketing? Is it a video tutorial? Is it a webinar? Make sure people can clearly see the offer and that it is just a button away. The easier, the better!

Bonus tip: Adding clear buttons for options like ‘Buy’, ‘Share This’, ‘Sign Up’, ‘Subscribe’, etc. can go a long long way!


All in all, I can tell you that the best ways to increase conversion rate are the simplest ones. All you need to do is to make sure you don’t miss out on the small things! If you would like a more detailed internet marketing guide on this, you can access my video tutorials by signing up below!

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    • Anisa Aynashe says

      Well Moses,
      I have seen many people who have approached me here online and say ”How can I show proof if I’m just starting out”?
      Now, in all honesty I always give them one advice its to build (Credibility).
      What I mean by credibility is to build trust & relationships with your audience by proving value. The rest is easy.

      If you feel like you need more guidance on this feel free to reach out to me.
      Talk soon 🙂

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