How to Maintain Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

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Of all the blogging options out there, affiliate marketing blogs are my personal favorite. The reason behind this is simple.

They are fun to do, less risky and can be a source of good money if a certain pattern is used while running affiliate marketing blogs!

This is why I decided to write this article to talk to all my friends out there who are facing difficulty in ensuring good maintenance of their affiliate marketing blog. Here are my tips on how can you make sure your affiliate marketing blog stays up to the mark while also ensuring you make money blogging!

Tips for your affiliate marketing blog

Be honest

No matter how cliché it may sound, honesty really is the best policy. Giving dishonest reviews on an affiliate marketing block not only affects the reputation of your blog but in the long run, may also make it very difficult for you to cope with the feedback that arises from such things.

So, never lie or exaggerate facts. Just because you are being paid by an employer to write about their product, doesn’t mean you get to be dishonest with the consumers.

Remember, you are a writer and you can make things sound good merely by the power of your words. Use them wisely and feel the difference. Honest affiliate marketing blogs are not only popular among the people but also end up being in the run for longer time, and are what you will eventually make money blogging with!

Be informative

There’s a difference between being having knowledge and imparting it.

Affiliate marketing blogs are all about conveying the right knowledge in the correct amount and way to your consumer. You do want to sell your product right? Then why withhold precious information that is necessary for your consumer to know. This could be any tiny detail about the product that you are trying to sell.


Yes I’m beating about the same bush again, but that’s how significant it is to ALWAYS make sure that whatever information you are providing to your consumer is totally accurate and true.

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What’s my niche?

Let’s say if you know nothing about buying cribs for babies, wouldn’t it be weird if you started giving people advice about it? Or even worse, act like you know it?

Just like that, it is important while running an affiliate marketing blog to work with products that you are familiar with. So, find out your niche and start looking for employers in the field of your expertise. It not only makes your work easier and fun but also reliable for the reader.

This is 2015, guys. People are smart now. They know a quack from a real doctor. So be the go to person in the field of your interest and knowledge and make working fun as you make money blogging.

You can’t do it all

I know a lot of wise, experienced and making-bags-of-money bloggers (in their own words) tell you to be all about variety in your affiliate marketing blog so you can earn as many employers as you want. Although this may sound tempting at first but remember, we are talking about maintaining a blog not making a mess of it.

Look at the best business blogs and see how they do it. (Bonus reading: 5 Best Habits of Top Business Blogs). Working with one type of product gives you greater opportunity to influence your reader and be termed as reliable rather than trying to be the know-it-all expert. It also makes working smoother and simpler for you. Well who wouldn’t want that?

Starting an affiliate marketing blog is easy but maintaining it isn’t a hefty task either, especially if done smartly. Follow these simple rules and make your affiliate marketing blog the one to look out for and make money blogging. It’s time to show your competitors you are in this for the long haul!


Follow these tips for your affiliate marketing blog and if you feel this helps, feel free to contact me for more information!

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