How to Make A Six Figure Income Online

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I wouldn’t be surprised if you read the title of this article and already felt skeptical. Because that’s not possible, right? Only scams say this stuff, obviously?

Absolutely not! I am someone who has been a victim to many scams (more than I would like to admit) and yet I believe that it is possible to make a six figure income online. I am saying it because I have seen it. And no, I am definitely not promising that it will be easy. It is a lot of work, but yes it is possible!

So how do you start making a six figure income online?

Blog like crazy

Before anything else, get yourself a blog and start blogging. There are people out there who will tell you blogging is not good enough. There are those who will tell you you cannot earn enough through blogging, and it will not generate traffic. Trust me and don’t listen to these people. Blog like your life depends on it!! And if you do nothing else and don’t get way too much traffic from blogging, you will at least be posting great content for your followers and earning their trust, right? So keep doing that.

Be selfless

You’ve got to do this one if you want to make a fix figure income online. Yes, a business is all about profits, but profits come much later. Initially, there is a lot of work and help for others that goes into it, and that is what you have to focus on right now. Unless you do that, the profits will never come. So focus yourself on helping others first and earning a six figure income online later.

Only sell stuff you believe in

Many people ask me how to make a six figure income online, but very few of them realize that this step is an important one to follow. Sure, there are products out there that are extremely attractive and people will be likely to buy them easily. Should you promote these? It depends on your followers!

If you don’t believe in a product, never try to sell it. Yes, you will make a sale at that time, but then what? Eventually you will be losing your followers for recommending poor products. So even if you are not making a six figure income online right now, be patient. Don’t fool people. Genuinely help them, because this is what long-term business is all about! Remember, we are not looking for people to buy products maybe once or twice. We are looking to build a relationship where people will trust us so much that they will continue to buy from us… and that only comes with honesty!

Sell high-priced products

Did you have to read that one again? Yes, that’s right. When followers of mine ask me how to make a six figure income online and I tell them to sell expensive products, they are usually skeptical. And honestly, I can’t blame them. I know that the common view in the market is that people will buy products based on prices, so the lower the price, the better.

Yet, I do not agree with such a notion. I think if you want to make a six figure income online, you’ve got to sell products that have high prices. These will definitely sell, but only if you pick the right target market for them.

The thing with selling expensive products to make a six figure income online is that it has got to be all about strategy. Your sales strategy has to be remarkable in order to convince people to spend large amounts of money on your recommendation, and that is what we are working for here!

Focus on one affiliate program

Or maybe two, but not more. If you are a beginner, I suggest sticking to one.

I know that you might think getting a lot of affiliate programs will help you make a six figure income online faster, but it will not.

Why? There are several reasons. For one, you will not be able to pay attention to any one niche, which means that you will be doing average on all niches instead of excellent on one. This in turn means that you will not become a credible expert in one area, but just someone who promotes anything and everything. So the likelihood of people trusting you automatically decreases.  Moreover, it will be very difficult to stay organized with more than one or two affiliate programs. Not only will your blog be a mess, but it will also be difficult for people to categorize it. So stick to one area and be known for that instead of doing too much and trying to become a jack of all trades.

Don’t send sales emails everyday

This is something that I strongly believe in, and I think it is a practice you should follow even after you have loyal followers and you are making a six figure income online. No matter how much you progress, never forget that people are here because they expect you to help them. And sure, while they keep getting value from you, they will be more than happy to get good product suggestions from you once every week or two.

Does this mean you start spamming them with product offers? No! Trust me, the minute you lose the selflessness and start thinking too much about yourself, you are going to begin to lose followers. So keep their needs in mind and make sure you send them your affiliate links after every few days instead of making it a daily practice.


So yes, conclusively, if you ask me if it is possible to make a six figure income online, I would say yes. It is very much possible. It is just that it needs lots of conviction and hard work, because you are going to have to stay strong through the shaky parts and try out a lot of different techniques before you find one that gets you the perfect followers.

So while you dream of making a six figure income online, also remember that it is not only about you, but also about your followers. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me on my Facebook page!


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  1. Ashley says

    This is a great article!! I once read somewhere that in order to achieve A CERTAIN RESULT I have to do things A CERTAIN WAY.
    I also realized that very few people do things in A CERTAIN WAY and that is why only very few will get A CERTAIN RESULT.
    I believe you are one of those few Anisa, as am I.

    Great work.

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