How to Make Your Marketing Message Perfect

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marketing messageI want you to quickly answer this:

‘What is your message for your potential buyers?’

Now, how many of you had an immediate answer to that? If you did not, it is not surprising. There are many people out there who know what they want but they somehow don’t see the need to put it in exact words.

Why is this not okay?

Well, in the simplest words, it creates variation and incoherence. You don’t want your buyers to be reading something different from you every time. You want one thing that they associate with you and remember you for.

So what is a marketing message? Whether you call it tagline, advertising or something else, the bottomline is, you need to have a perfect message to attract potential buyers, and I am going to show you how to create one!

Step 1: Identify your target market

Like I have previously stressed on, knowing what market you want to serve to is one of the most important parts of the process. It is what will be your basic driving force!

If you look at popular marketing message examples, you will see that they focus on a specific market. One of the marketing message examples can be of my own website.

‘Helping Newbies in Internet Marketing.’

Simply reading these five words tells you who I am serving, and that fulfills the basic aim of a marketing message!

Step 2: What does your target market want?

If you ask me what is a marketing message, I will simply tell you that it is the solution to your potential buyers’ problem. This means that your message must tell them what you will be providing them, and therefore instigate them to look into it further!

Look at one of these simple marketing message examples:

‘Low-cost web design for small businesses.’

There goes the target market as well as the purpose!

Step 3: Talk about your experience.

Now, this is where we diverge from the idea that your marketing message is just your tagline. For those of you who want to ask what is a marketing message, I want to tell you that there are no set rules you have to follow!

If you want to encompass your message in a tagline, great. If you want it to be more, that is fine too!

For me, I would prefer a tagline and then a small explanation for it, and experience is something I would want to include in the explanation. For example, the perfect marketing message examples for me would be the ones that tell me the providers experience and previous work, and gives me a chance to look into it.

For example, if I tell you that I have helped various newbies in the internet market, I should be able to give you evidence, like my previous writings, to show that to you.

Remember that the modern day web users are smart and you should not try to trick them. Genuinely try to help people and trust me, you will get the most out of it!

Step 4: Make yourself unique:

I believe this is the most important part of any marketing message. Think of the best marketing message examples. Would you be able to remember them if other people had similar messages? No!

Therefore, here is my advice: be original. Take inspiration from others but do’t try to follow anyone exactly. Think of yourself, your aim, your people and what YOU want to say to them. Be real and that is the only way you will get through to them!


If you would like more of my help on creating a marketing message for your business or blog, you can write to me below. You can also sign up for my free video training to get more tips on internet marketing for your business!


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