How to Promote A Blog to Get Traffic

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You have a great blog with content that provides a lot of value. You are writing regularly and are doing everything you can to help people. Yet, to make sure something actually comes out of your blog for you, you need to know how to promote a blog.

I know so many people who started a blog and then gave up, simply because they were not getting enough traffic and it was not amounting to anything. Reasons like this are why my entire niche exists: internet marketing! It is for people to know how to promote a blog and how to grow their business by getting people to reach out to what they have to offer.

I previously wrote an article on blog marketing tips for newbies who are trying to figure out how to make their blog seen in order to make some money. Today, I am going to delve deeper into these tips and techniques and show you how to promote a blog initially without spending lots of money.

How to Promote A Blog


If you want to figure out how to promote a blog, you need to prepare yourself for lots of interaction. With this, however, you need to be prepared for the fact that very few people will actually become buyers, and many will turn you away or even hate on you. So when you go into this, go into this with a mindset that is positive and preaching perseverance.

Go to emails, social media and other similar blogs, and interact with people who could be your potential buyers. This is not all. You will also see how to promote a blog when you visit social media websites and delve into the circles of your potential buyers. Also, don’t forget forums. Find people who are looking for what you have to offer, and interact with them about their needs. I repeat… INTERACT! Don’t start selling immediately.

Advertise smartly

Sure, advertisements work to bring in traffic and they are one of the perfect ways how to promote a blog. However, this is only true when they are done right. With advertisements, I always tell my followers to choose a catch phrase that provides value. For example, go for ‘learn useful internet marketing strategies for your Facebook page’ instead of going for ‘hire the best coach for internet marketing today!’ in an ad. You need to bring focus to what people are getting out of it and not what they are buying.

Stay active in the community

The online business industry is divided into lots of different communities, and you need to get yourself in on one if you want to know how to promote a blog. For instance, I always visit different forums and blogs and post my comments, comment on other Facebook pages similar to mine, stay active on the market trends and news and post my views on them, etc. Remember that you need people to remember you in order to not only retain but also gain traffic.

So while creating a blog is important, promoting it is extremely important as well if you do not want your hard work to be in vain. And I know it seems difficult right now and you absolutely cannot figure out how those popular blogs have thousands of followers, but trust me, it all comes with time. I initially didn’t know how to promote a blog and wasted lots of money trying to figure out how. Now, I am constantly getting followers due to good internet marketing strategies.

If you would further like to discuss these strategies with me on how to promote a blog, don’t hesitate to contact me today. You can email me and we can schedule a call for you to get all the help you want! Cheers!


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