Is Consumer Relationship Important for Internet Marketing?

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consumer relationshipI often write about how the internet marketing journey was a tedious one for me and how I had to go through a lot of losses to get where I am today. Today, however, I thought I’ll focus on one specific area that I believed is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why I am able to manage this business today.

Unfortunately, this area is something that most online businesses often forget. Even the top internet marketing blogs in terms of products fail to achieve this one little thing:

Consumer relationship

Amid trying to create perfect products and make perfect marketing campaigns, consumer relationship is often forgotten. This is most unfortunate because it is actually one of the simplest ways you can build your business!

If you look at top internet marketing blogs, you will notice one thing common in them: the writers of the blog are NOT inaccessible.

People often believe that the sign of a big business is having a large team and the owner having little to do with customers directly. I believe that this is absolutely WRONG!

When you are managing a business, consumer relationship should actually be one of your top priorities, and there is one simple reason why: Consumer trust.

Imagine two scenarios for the future of your blog or business. One, you receive a lot of traffic and some of them buy from you, but you don’t have many returning customers. And two, you don’t have a very large number of buyers, but you share a great consumer relationship with your buyers and they keep returning to buy from you, regardless of prices.

Which one would you prefer? Having gone through way too many internet marketing tutorials and implementing several strategies, I can definitely say that I will prefer the second.

I say this because I believe one the main goals of any business should be sustainability. You will have your highs and lows, and you will have times when you will not make much money. At such times, a good consumer relationship is what will save you and you will have some customers to fall back on!

So how do you go on about building a good consumer relationship?

If you have ignored this area for a while, the good news is that it is not really all that difficult. There are two basic things that you need to start doing more often: listen and respond.

If you notice the comments sections on the top internet marketing blogs, you will see that the authors do not only respond to comments, but also take criticism into account.

So, modeling after top internet marketing blogs, taking constructive criticism can be a great way of building a great consumer relationship. For example, is there someone who told you that one of your articles did not provide much value? Go through it again. Perhaps they are right!

Similarly, if someone tells you that a product you are marketing is not up to the mark, you must make sure that this is cleared out. Remember that people are looking for solutions, not for products. And if something does not provide the solution for them, they will say it and you must listen!

I believe that to build a great consumer relationship, you do not only need to look at the top internet marketing blogs, but also put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. If you follow a blog and post comments on it, would you not be more likely to return to it if the author personally replies to your comments?

I am most certain that you will!

So it is about time that you honestly start providing your readers with what you would have wanted as a reader.

Like I always say, gain the trust and the money will follow suit!!


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