Keep Your Email List Happy and Get More Subscribers

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If you are a blogger like me, or someone who owns a small business and basically sells through emails, it is most important for you to get more subscribers.

That being said, I also know how difficult it is to get more subscribers. Sure, there are people who promise email subscribers overnight, but if you have tried this or have even given it some sane thought, you would know that this does not help. Obviously, someone gives you a random bunch of possibly fake emails or emails of uninterested people. Would you make any sales? Obviously not. They would most probably unsubscribe as soon as possible!

Previously, I have written about how to double your email subscriber list. In this article, however, I am not going to talk about direct strategies to find more people to sign up for your emails. Instead, I am going to talk about little things that most of us ignore – but those that are important to make sure you maintain a good email reputation and don’t lose support, and eventually get more subscribers.

Get more subscribers for your emails

Keep email subjects related

Many of us don’t realize how important this is in order to not only get more subscribers, but also to make sure that you don’t lose the existing ones.

People often read about writing catchy email lines that will make people click on the email. However, when they do this, they forget that they must provide in the email what they promise in the subject. If the subject is enticing, but the email is not promising, it will leave a lasting bad impression and cause people to unsubscribe.

Like I say, building trust is important in order to get more email subscribers, and this definitely does not help!

Don’t make it difficult to unsubscribe

I know you don’t want people to go away, but it can be annoying if you make indirect efforts to do this in ways that are not acceptable. For example, there are those who hide the unsubscribe button in the email, and people cannot find a way to stop receiving emails.

You might say that this is not important and has nothing to do with keeping people happy. But the thing is, you should never completely shut your doors. If someone wants to leave, let them. They might just come back. However, if you act like one of those annoying sellers, people are not only not going to come back, but might even write bad reviews that will affect your reputation in the market. Therefore, respect people even if they don’t help you make any money.

While we are at this, let me also tell you NOT to bother people after they unsubscribe. If you want to get more subscribers, keep your reputation intact. Don’t send more sales emails or follow up emails. Don’t even ask for their reasons for leaving. Just let them be!

Don’t sound self-obsessed

No one wants to hear about someone else and how great they are. Want to get more subscribers? Talk about them! And don’t be superficial with it – be honest.

Provide convenience

This is important. Remember, you are supposed to provide convenience. If people click on your email but can’t see it properly, they are not going to make an effort to read it. So make sure you go over technicalities like keeping images small, keeping email size convenient, making it mobile friendly, etc.


We often don’t realize how important it is to get more email subscribers through tiny things. Don’t ignore these, and write to me if you need any more help! To further discuss the topic with me, write to me on my Facebook page! Good luck!

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