Keeping Your Email Marketing List Happy

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email marketing A long list of subscribers is, indeed, what mostly leads to a successful email marketing campaign. Arguably, however, what is more important than acquiring a long email list is actually having an email list that does not reduce over time. Have you noticed that there are a number of people who subscribe to your email marketing updates only to unsubscribe later? This disappointment in potential consumers is what usually becomes the reason for poor email marketing.


In simpler words, you are not giving the recipients what they need!


Usually, the most major reason for unsubscribing potential customers is the fact that they do not find your email marketing effective. Perhaps they feel like it is too pretentious. Perhaps they feel like there is little value for them in your emails and that they are simply full of poor attempts at selling your products and services. This is where you are going wrong and need to stop! Devising a healthy, mutually productive relationship with your email marketing list is a lot more important than trying to increase your sales dramatically overnight, which is, at the end of the day, a futile attempt. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure that your email subscribers are happy with you and that you are treating them the right way.


Tell them what to expect and stay true to it

When you offer the subscribing option, make sure you are telling your subscribers what to look forward to. Are you going to be sharing weekly tips with them? Is it going to be emails about weekend deals or new products? Whatever you promise, make sure you deliver it. If your readers are expecting some useful tips that are generally related to your niche, don’t spam them with daily deals that they might not be interested in!


Provide relevance and value through email marketing

A great way to make sure that your readers appreciate the emails you send them as a part of your email marketing, and respond positively is to make them feel important. To do this, a great idea is to divide your email list into groups by gender, age, preferences, and all the other useful information that you can find. You can then send them product advertisements and deals that are more likely to interest them, rather than sending one email to your entire list, most of which it may not be relevant to. You can also sort people out according to their previous purchases, and send them emails about related products that they are more likely to want to browse. This will make sure that they are receiving valuable information that they can actually use, and not just spam advertisements. Making them feel like you care about their preferences is a great way to enhance mutual cooperation and productivity during your email marketing campaign.


Organize your content

Researches show that the modern day internet user takes only seconds to decide whether to surf a certain website or to read a certain email. Keeping this in mind, it is extremely important to make your content presentable, so as to give the impression that you mean to help and not to cause inconvenience. Don’t send in emails with large blocks of fruitless text. Instead, organize your email with headings, catch phrases, images and easily scan-able content.


Keep convenience in mind

This cannot be stressed enough. Your relationship with your email subscribers cannot be ideal until they feel like their needs are being catered to. Therefore, your goal must be to ensure that you are not spamming your readers in the name of email marketing, and are only sending them useful content at adequate times. An important part is to make sure that your email is readable for all. If, for instance, there are images or other content in your mail that cannot be easily opened on a mobile browser, the email is likely to be seen as inconvenient, ignored and never opened again. Therefore, do not forget the convenience of your readers when you send in these emails.


Remember that the core focus of such a campaign should be to keep readers engaged through interesting and useful content and to provide value, and not to spam them advertisements. As long as you are rightly catering to their needs, they will eventually become loyal customers!

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