Low Budget Marketing for Your Online Business

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low budget marketingToday, I thought we should talk about capital investment, since the main concern for most, including me, is minimizing their budget. I also know that most of my readers are small business owners looking for low budget marketing, or affiliate bloggers who need a cheap method to become popular.

Well, for one, you need to know that it definitely is possible. While low budget marketing is something that most people will not tell you about, I can guarantee that you can get thousands of followers without actually spending thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns!

For this, there are first a few misconceptions that need to be cleared about low budget marketing.

For one, can you earn online today? Yes, you might. However, even with a small business or an affiliate looking for a blog marketing strategy, you need to give it some time to work. However, yes, you most definitely can start preparing to earn online today!

Once the making money overnight dream is put aside, next comes the idea that low budget marketing means lesser work. All you need is a simple blog marketing strategy and you can earn online today, right? Wrong.

If you take my word for it, I would say low budget marketing is actually a lot more difficult than having lots of capital to invest.

How does this really happen?

Well, admittedly, having lots of money to spend on something is going to make it easier. You have thousands of dollars to spend on huge advertising campaigns? Great. The traffic will pour in soon! However, when you have to manage with low budget marketing, that is when the hard work comes in and your marketing skills are really put to test.

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So, once you convince yourself that you are mentally prepared to find yourself a blog marketing strategy and earn online today with low budget marketing, here are some steps you can take.

Low Budget Marketing Techniques

Acquire the skills

Needing low budget marketing means that you will not be able to hire expensive professionals to help you out. This means that you must do anything and everything to learn the skills yourself! Take in useful information and, preferably, find yourself an affordable online marketing coach.

Remember, such little investments can save a lot of dollars you might spend on possible mistakes! If you want to earn online today, you must also make some investments.

Focus on content

You don’t have money to spend on fancy advertisements? That’s okay. Find yourself platforms to speak and publish great content. Remember that a fan page with 1000 loyal, genuinely interested fans will be better than 10,000 with only a few really engaged.

Post high quality content and potential buyers will come to you!

Create low budget marketing videos

Who says low budget marketing cannot help people enough? Find some time and create instructional videos for your followers. They will take effort but they are free of cost and can convey a great message, earning you more loyal fans! Remember that video marketing is the best blog marketing strategy among low budget marketing ideas.

Social networking

Get obsessed with it. Hire someone to manage your page daily, or allot fixed hours for yourself to spend on your Facebook page. Social networking is a great way to engage people and posting interesting viral content will automatically bring your followers!

Introduce contests

With all the competition going on, low budget marketing can be a little hard to notice. To get noticed, a great blog marketing strategy is to introduce contests and giveaways to interest people.

Remember those contests that require you to share the page with your friends? It means that in exchange for a small gift, you will be getting a lot of exposure!


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If you want to earn online today, there are these and several other low budget marketing strategies that you can make use of. If you would like to know about this in more detail, you can either write to me below or join my free bootcamp training to watch instructional videos!



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