Make Money Online Now With an Online Business

Let’s assume you are a newbie trying to figure out how to make money online now. Even if you are not, it may be a great idea to read this blogpost with the mind of a newbie in the industry – it might just help you see if you’ve lost track or if you remember the basics!

So how does a person completely new to the online business or the internet marketing industry make money online now? To make things very easy and clear, here is a list of 5 things you can check off to make sure you are on the right track.

Checklist to Make Money Online Now

Get feedback on what you are about to sell

And NOT from friends and family! Experts say that getting feedback from those who are emotionally attached to you is the worst idea and you might never get real criticism. So show your product or service to those who are not in your circle. on my Facebook page, I often share the stories of how I got into the business and how I had to go through several poor opinions before finding a mentor who really helped me.

So don’t ask friends; ask mentors and potential customers if you really want to make money online now.

If you are going to run a blog, show them your writing. If you are going to make videos, ask them if they would take their wallet out to pay for something after watching your video. You get the idea!

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Analyze the competition!

Know what you are in for! And be prepared for a shock because there are too many people out there. But here is the best way to look at it: REVERSE ENGINEER!

I always say a great way of figuring out how to make money online now is to see the tactics your competitors use and then not only use them but IMPROVE and use them in your own ways.

Make your website ready

Many people will say, ‘I know where to start from in order to make money online now and I will improve from there’. DON’T DO THIS! Instead, go backwards. Don’t think you can make a basic Facebook page now and maybe a website later. MAKE the website, establish the website, add the content, do the SEO and only launch it when you are absolutely ready! A great way to ensure that you make money online is to go in fully prepared.

So if you don’t have detailed web design knowledge or the budget to hire an expert, get on WordPress, Google Sites, Tumblr or whichever platform you like. I personally recommend WordPress, though it might take you some time to get a hang of it.

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Have a sales plan

Do you have a plan? Don’t go in without one! Many people wonder, ‘Can I make money online?’ and then jump in without figuring out how! If you want to make money online now, make detailed marketing and sales plans beforehand for your online business. This simply means figuring out the strategies that you are going to use. For example, for advertising, you may decide to go with Facebook Ads – that start at $10 – or Youtube advertising.

Figure out if you can do this yourself

An important (and often ignored) part is deciding whether you can do this all by yourself. Remember that if you want to make money online now, you must invest time, effort and sometimes even money. If you need a website but writing content is not your thing, you could use platforms like Freelancer to hire people to do it for you at low costs.

Remember: do what you are best at. If you have a low budget, invest time into learning or money into hiring others, but never go for sub-standard work if you really want to make money online now.

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So remember that in order to be able to make money online now with an online business, these are the few basic things you must check off before moving any further!

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