More Social Media Marketing Strategies for Beginners

Those who regularly follow me would know that I highly support social media marketing and often share social media marketing strategies. I preach what I believe in, and you will see that I am very enthusiastic about my Facebook page and regularly share posts and videos. I am not only focused on posting ads or driving people towards my business, but on providing value. And sometimes, I even make sure to post some fun stuff to keep my readers engaged!

These are what we call social media marketing strategies, that are ways to not only attract people to your page but also make sure that they stay. If you just made a Facebook page for your online business or are wondering WHY do people not visit your page, or why there are so few clicks on your posts even though you have thousands of fans, this post might answer such concerns for you.

My Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

Why do people not come in?

The first step, of course, is to make sure people arrive at your page. This can be done by referring it to those in your close circle, marketing it on forums, using article or content marketing, or even through Facebook Ads (they are cheap and work GREAT!). You need to make sure that people know you exist. If they are not coming in, chances are that you are not prominent enough.

My tip? Go crazy with content! Write, make videos, make blogposts, and share it all on different forums related to your business. People need to know you exist!

Why do you lose followers?

Many people ask me why people come to their page with their social media marketing plans but often leave. This can be due to a number of flawed social media marketing strategies. A major problem is not updating your page regularly. When you stop doing this, you will stop showing up in people’s newsfeed and they will soon forget about you (there are too many rivals!). People foten think that posting too often is spamming, but only posting too much of WRONG content is spamming. If you are posting useful information, it is one of the best social media marketing strategies and people will want to stay.

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Why do followers stop engaging?

Often, you will see that people see your posts but don’t stay on them. This is probably because of your own lack of engagement. Many online marketers often forget this among their social media marketing strategies: you need to truly ENGAGE with your readers and viewers. This does not mean simply posting ads or answering questions. It means building a following where you reply to all important comments, reach out to people to solve their problems and make sure you are available. Often, if you do not reply to a certain comment, people might not bother trying to engage with you again.

Why do competitors win?

Because they are watching you! One of the best social media marketing strategies is to know what your competitors are doing. If someone is planning a giveaway with free gift vouchers and that is bringing them the same kind of traffic that you want, take this strategy and engineer it in your own way. You need to know what others are up to to be on top of your own game.

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Why do people not seem to connect with you?

Perhaps because they don’t know you! I always make sure my followers see me as a PERSON and not just an anonymous face behind a page. One of the best social media marketing strategies is to introduce yourself and let them have a real person to trust. My favorite way to do this is to post fun videos, short video messages and even offer Skype calls to keep people interested and to see me as someone they can personally interact with.


So, for the crux of having the best social media marketing strategies that work, the best way is to ensure that you engage with people, keep them entertained and informed, and make sure they have reasons to trust you!



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