My Online Business Empire (MOBE) – An Opportunity Or A Scam?

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My Online Business Empire (MOBE) is a marketing education platform and business opportunity some label as a scam, while others have made millions. Many of you who have spent hours researching online business opportunities as an affiliate marketing options, you must have come across the term My Top Tier Business or, as it is now more commonly known, My Online Business Empire (MOBE). I know that there are several people out there who are confused about what it means, and others who are worried that this investment might be a money-sucking scam. Naturally, if you have been trying to become an affiliate partner, you would want the highest paying affiliate. However, it puts you in doubt whether MOBE really is the ‘make money from home business’ opportunity that you are looking for.

Is it?

In simple words, YES IT IS!

I understand that this looks like a scam because of the several fraudulent sellers out there who are fooling people with similar products that offer nothing. However, My Online Business Empire is not one of them and I am going to show you how!

Remember that I am keen for my readers to succeed, which is why I am going to break down this entire business and highest paying affiliate partner option for you.


Is My Online Business Empire (MOBE) A Scam?

If you research on MOBE, you will be met with uncertainty because you will come across some articles saying that MOBE is a scam. A popular article is the one you will find on a website called ‘ways to avoid scam online’ – easily searchable through Google. This article and similar ones claim that while MOBE claims to be the highest paying affiliate program, it is basically just luring people in to pay money. It states that MOBE does not provide you with sufficient training with your initial purchase, and you will be asked to spend MORE before you learn anything substantial.

This is not true.

My Online Business Empire provides you with a comprehensive training program which teaches you all basics from scratch, including affiliate marketing tips and traffic generation techniques. Will you be offered to spend more to learn more? Yes. Is this a scam? No!

Here is how it works…

When you make the purchase for the first time, you will be provided with thorough training to market your business, and you will not need more to achieve success through basic marketing. Consider this as a form of education, where you are paying to learn. However, if you want to achieve a further degree, you will obviously be required to pay more!

My Online Business Empire gives you an option to further your education by paying more, but this not mandatory and does not compromise your learning from your initial purchase.

If you feel that you do not want to spend more and are happy with the learning you are getting from the first 21 steps, MOBE will be happy for you and will help you succeed with those steps, not badger you to buy more packages!

Another misconception is that you will HAVE to sell MOBE in order to make money. This is not true. There is a choice in this regard.

If you choose to become an affiliate partner, you will be taught how to sell MOBE. If you just want training to market your own business, there is no obligation to sell!

You will still be taught how to make a 6-figure income through traffic generation and online marketing based on the My Top Tier Business 21 steps program.

Another rather ineffective scam complain against My Top Tier Business is that Matt Lloyd does not personally respond to queries. It needs to be known that the CEO has devised a skilled team to respond to any queries people might have, and at no point are questions left unattended to. You will notice that all these articles that say MOBE is a scam are always linked to another affiliate program you can sign up for. It is not difficult to do the math here; you are clearly being lured by competitors attempting at bad SEO rather than focusing on their own affiliate program!

So, does MOBE cost more than other training programs out there? Sure it does! Does that make it a scam? NO! Remember that if you are going for a higher calibre of service, you will also have to pay more. There are affiliate program training companies out there that will charge a low amount and then simply give you access to a database full of articles about affiliate partnership and online marketing. My Top Tier Business does not do this. You are given a thorough plan along with a coach who will help you along the way and provide you with constant assistance. Is this a scam? No. You get something, you must give something. Scams are really those who are promising that you will make thousands of dollars without investing a dime. Think about it practically and let yourself be the better judge!


What Really Is MOBE?

Simply speaking, it is an online affiliate marketing system that teaches you how do you start a home business. It includes a 21-step program, which is not only for those who want to expand their earnings from online work from home, but also for those who have never really stepped into this area! Yes, My Online Business Empire or MOBE for short and was founded by MOBE Matt Lloyd. Matt is an extraordinary entrepreneur from Perth, Australia who made over $300,000 when he was 20 years old and his first million when he was 25 all from the power of the internet. So it’s safe to say he has a “wee” bit of experience in this industry.

Matt Lloyd set out to create create a system that offered a person everything they needed to build an online business: rather than them having to go through the years of trial and error he did. And that’s exactly what he did with My Online Business Empire (MOBE).


So what separates My Online Business Empire from the competition? What are it’s biggest benefits?

When you begin following this 21-step program offered by My Online Business Empire, you can begin to make money from home business starting from $1000 to $5000, which will be deposited directly into your account, and I speak from experience! These are the commissions from the sales that you will be making for the company, and they will even be teaching you how to do that unlike other affiliate partner programs.

But these commissions are not the only catch!

As a part of their affiliate partner program, Matt Lloyd has introduced MOBE Motors, which will reward you for your affiliate partner contribution not in cash but by getting you your dream car!



Yes, this is possible, and here is how. Basically, My Online Business Empire (MOBE) is now focusing on people who are figuring out how to get your dream car and looking for car contents. When you begin working with MOBE, whenever you make a sale, you get MOBE points in return. You can either cash these or can save them up. Once you have enough points, MOBE will help you get your dream car by paying for it!  Remember once you join & you become a MOBE partner and earn points you can get your dream car all paid for. Therefore, you do not have to fall for scam car contests anymore!


So Why Is MOBE Offering SO Much?

This is where most people begin to see this as a scam, wondering why would someone just help you get your dream car merely through and affiliate partner program. Basically, MOBE wants to become the biggest affiliate marketing program with the best working affiliates. When you partner with them, you help them promote the business and they make sales and a lot of money, out of which you get your cash and earn points to be able to get your dream car! You are not being promised something unreal without contributing anything. My Online Business Empire is a carefully designed process that will benefit BOTH parties, which is reason enough to believe that it is not a trap!


What is the Cost and Is It worth It?

My Top Tier Business costs $49.00 and there are no recurring monthly fees. However, remember that this is not merely a joining free but a learning fee. It is going to teach you through a personal 6-figure income earning coach how to make money from home and how to make a high income possible through a home business. Within this are three licenses you can further purchase, one of which is MOBE. However, this will only be be if you are satisfied with the initial 21-step program, otherwise your money will be returned.

However, here is the catch. This is not an investment wasted! To make high ticket sales, you can either sell MOBE’s digital products or you can resell the license itself. This business model will allow you to leverage the companies profile & resell their products as a licensee, in a way like a franchise.


What Makes My Top Tier Business and MOBE Stand Out?

  • It comes for only $49 initially and you can see for yourself if this works for you!
  • It is not just for experienced people but also for newbies who want to work online from home and make some money. You don’t need to have internet marketing skills. The experts will help you with those!
  • With MOBE, you get to work with your personal business coach, who will provide one-to-one sessions to tell you how to work online from home and make a 6-figure income.
  • .When going through the 21 steps there will always be a mentor there to guide you and make sure you understand… on TOP of that you will have a traffic coach after the program who will show you how to generate leads using free and paid marketing methods
  • You will have a  professional sales team in the back end closing sales with people who opt in through your page which makes it even easier for you to make a high commissions. Therefore, if you lack the persuasion and do not have the sales skills like me then this is something you will need at your disposal to make sure you do not make any affiliate partner and internet marketing mistakes.
  • You get a dedicated team that will overlook your sales at all times and will close commissions at $1000, $3000 and $5000 at any time for YOU.
  • You will have constant support if you get stuck at any point. The support team will be available through the website, Facebook and through the phone at all times and you will have all your queries solved in no time!


And here is the security you need…

Matt Lloyd is so confident about the 21-step program that comes with My Top Tier Business that if you do not make any money within 30 days of following all of the basic steps, he will give you $500 in cash!

Currently, the professionals at MOBE earn around $2 million per month and have paid out over $15 million to their licensees and affiliates. You earn selling high ticket items and have the opportunity to make up to $9K in commissions. No mandatory experience is required, all is needed is access to a computer. Your job is to send traffic or leads and let their professional sales team close these sales for you and then you make a commission. Most of the hard work is done for you in that all customer service, product delivery, phone sales, websites & sales funnels is done for you. You have the option to take the entire done for you approach or you can make your own websites & sales pages if you are further advanced and have the skills. It is the perfect business for the complete newbie or even an experienced marketer!


My Online Business Empire might just be the highest ticketing program on how to make money from home that you are looking for. Whether you are looking for cash or wondering how to get your dream car, this is where you stop! Stop falling into scams and looking for car contests, you can get everything here with just one major thing in mind: it needs work!

Remember that all those who promise you to get massive amounts of money without any investment or hard work are scam! For every business, there has to be some investment and then there has to be a plan to follow that will eventually get you to the online money making success that you were looking for. Do not fall into scams that promise you that you will make money without investing a dime! Therefore, not only will you have to invest financially and mentally, you will also have to spend time learning to work with this highest paying affiliate program, so as to get the best results.

Rest assured, My Online Business Empire is not a scam and you will begin seeing the results once you start following the coaching!

If you are interested in finding out more about what this is about this, CLICK HERE to find out more!

I will also be happy to answer any questions or comments that you might have about this!


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