Online Business Marketing Tips – When to Say NO?

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HowToSayNo2In the hustle of managing an online business and with all that stress about building a profile, there is one very important word that most online marketers tend to forget… ‘NO.’

As simple as tiny as it is, this word scares many people who have learnt business marketing tips that say building contacts in the market is extremely important in order to succeed.

So what happens? They try to accommodate anyone and everyone, keeping everyone happy. But here is the sad part: this is practically impossible.

As an experienced online business owner and affiliate marketing coach, I can tell you that I have been through this, and it is probably where I wasted most of my time. I wanted to be ‘in’ on the market, and I believed building the most contacts was one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

But is it really?

Turns out that most of those business marketing tips that tell you to accommodate everyone are doing more harm to you than good! The fact is, unless you have massive amounts of capital, you cannot possibly say yes to everything. From a beginner to an affiliate marketing coach, I still find the need to say no to many and trust me, it is very convenient!

So when exactly do you say no? Here are some online business marketing tips I have put down for you to filter out who you work with and who you avoid.

Business Marketing Tips

Email lists

As beginners, most of us are keen to take every available bit of information in. That is not how it works. Here is one of those online business marketing tips you won’t normally hear: filter your inbox and hit the unsubscribe button on everyone sending you nothing but advertisements.

Remember: take in less but useful information. Read more on how to manage and satisfy your email list subscribers.


Yes, promoting others products and getting them to promote yours is one of the most effective online marketing strategies… in moderation! You don’t want your website looking like an advertise board only.

If you feel like too many people are asking you to promote their product and you are afraid saying no will build a bad repute, take my word for it… It Won’t!

One of the best business marketing tips is to simply politely let them know that you are not open for external promotions ought to do the trick.

Affiliate marketing coaches

You have a guru to help you through? Great! You have several gurus guiding you? Probably not so much.

Finding an affiliate marketing coach who will genuinely help you out with business marketing tips is great. But you have to know that you can’t possibly sign up for everything. Do your research and make your choice wisely, saying no to the rest. I have personally fallen for many scams and one of the best online business marketing tips I can give you is to be extremely selective about who you take advice from!

Does your coach seem to simply want to make money out of you and not help you enough? Here’s the magic word: ‘NO!’

To find more tips on this, read my post on who to follow in internet marketing coaching.

Negative customers

You have to keep every customer happy… that’s what most business marketing tips will tell you.

When I started off, I went through a great deal of stress dealing with negative customers. Yes, keeping customers happy is one of the simplest and effective online marketing strategies. However, once in a while, you really will come across negative customers who will constantly complain.

I live by a simple rule. If someone really offers criticism that helps, I am more than happy to accommodate them. Those who complain merely for the sake of complaining and despite my constant efforts… there is really not enough time to be spent.


All in all, they key rule is to remember that saying no can sometimes be beneficial. If you would like hear more about the topic, you can join my free bootcamp or write to me below!




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